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Dark Souls Moonlight Butterfly Guide

Dark Souls Moonlight Butterfly Guide

After dealing with the two Gargoyles in Dark Souls you will face another flying boss, the Moonlight Butterfly. She can end you very quickly so follow this guide to beat her before she beats you. This one is in the Garden if you don’t know. Let’s begin.

The first thing in the Dark Souls Moonlight Butterfly boss guide is her abilities. She is pretty much all ranged and rarely gets in close to be sure to have a shield out and light armor so you can roll.

Her first ability is a multishot mini spear launch. She will charge up very quickly and launcher a bunch of mini spears at you that don’t do to much damage. You can evade these easily and take no damage so be sure to do so.

Her second ability is also a charge. She will charge up for a bit then launch 2-3 big balls at you. I couldn’t dodge them but I could block them for a bit of the damage. If you take them head on you risk being killed because they hurt. If you can out run it far enough you can dodge it.

Her last ability is a very long charging laser. You have to dodge this if you can because it will kill you. If you are going to be hit no matter what just block and hope for the best. Heal after because she can follow up with an attack fast.

The next part of the Dark Souls Moonlight Butterfly boss guide is the fight. She is constantly in the air so hitting her with a bow or magic is a big help. If not don’t worry we can burn her down still.

Once the fight starts just expect her to launch the mini spears at you nearly instantly. Dodge those and watch her for the next attack.

After a couple dodges of the spear expect the three ball combo. Hold your shield up and heal right after or risk being killed.

At this point she will use any of her attacks. The laser will  drop you quick so avoid it at all costs.

After a couple of minutes she will have to rest on the landing you are on and be completely defenseless. Bust out your strongest weapon and just start hitting her in the head. If you can do half her damage then expect this to be over in the next round of her landing. If not you may have to go three times.

Right before she starts to fly again her mouth will glow green. This means you have 2-3 hits on her before she launches an insta kill attack. Dodge or block her attacks until she lands again then finish her off. Nice job!

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  1. Just to update your guide, you can actually dodge the beam attack. Just jump sideways TO the beam while its passing down the bridge to dodge it. and the three balls are very brutal, its her third strongest abilities but can you also dodge them. But you you decide to defend from it, it will do more than half of your health so if you’re almost dead, don’t bother defending. Her first attack chips away a great amount of your health if you’re not careful and its a little too fast to consecutively dodge it, so what you can do is stand beside the ledge and it might just block the spear. Lastly, you have missed out an attack that greatly damages you to the brink of death, and how she does it is she flies on the top of the bridge and release a purple plasma. She tends to do this when you decreased her health to about a half. So make sure that you prepare for that.

  2. If you leave this boss for later and make sure you snatch up some low level-decent magic armor it can help a lot. also, head back to the asylum where you first started and kill the knight that gave you your flasks if you didn’t do it already. he should drop a shield that blocks 80% of magic damage. its extremely helpful in this fight.

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