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Dark Souls Pinwheel Guide

Dark Souls Pinwheel Guide

The first boss in the catacombs in Dark Souls is called Pin Wheel. He is really easy but it is hard to get to him. He will also drop the Rite of Kindling which means you can hold 15 flasks. Anyways let’s get on with the guide.

First for the Dark Souls Pinwheel boss guide is his abilities. He is really simple but he can do some massive damage if you aren’t careful.

His first ability is a fire ball. He will launch a giant fireball directly in front of himself and do some pretty big damage if you get hit. When you see his hands light up either block or evade so you don’t take as much damage.

His second ability is kind of an AoE energy attack. He will charge up and glow slightly red then release an AoE force around him. It doesn’t do much but you can block it.

His last and most dangerous ability is his split form. He can split up to five times and each one can launch fireballs. Hitting the wrong one will make it disappear while hitting the right one will lower his hp bar. I focused the real one and he died quick.

Next for the Dark Souls Pinwheel boss guide is the actual fight. As soon as you get in rush him and hit him with your strongest attacks. You should be able to get him to about 80% before he starts attacking. Once he does watch out for the fireball. After the fireball hit him again.

At this point he will likely split into 3. Find the real one and lay into him. Do enough and he will disappear and the others will disappear as well. If you are to slow expect some damage from a fireball.

After that he will reemerge and you can hurt him again. Hit him a couple times and he will split again. Find the real one and repeat. At this point you should be able to finish him off with no problems. After that you will also get the Rite of Kindling. Good job.

That will end the Dark Souls Pinwheel boss guide. Check back soon for more guides.

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