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Dark Souls Stray Demon Guide

Dark Souls Stray Demon Guide

After returning to the Asylum in Dark Souls you can fight a new boss. It is called the Stray Demon. He is a really big and has a large weapon. This boss guide will help you bring him down with no problems. Let’s go.

First thing for the Dark Souls Stray Demon boss guide is his moves. He has a lot of moves and most of them have large area of effect damage so blocking isn’t advised unless you can escape the radius of his attacks.

First thing to note is that unless you have a reduced fall damage ring or ability on you will drop to about half hp when you fall. Best to heal ASAP.

His first ability is just his swing. He does have a huge axe and can extend almost the whole room so keeping your distance isn’t advised in this fight. He can also swing form left to right if you are somewhat close but not very close. You can roll under this to avoid it. He will also sometimes use his ability right after the swing making the area he swung in explode doing damage.

His second ability is the most annoying ability. He lifts his axe up and drops it down on to the floor doing a huge AoE in front of him and a smaller one behind him. When he is doing this you have about 2 seconds to roll out of the way. If you don’t think you can make it just put the shield up and hope you have enough stamina to block most of it.

His last move is pretty much a one shot quit if you take a hit from it. He will fly up and drop himself down on you like the Grey Demon in Demons souls. As long as you are not directly under him when he drops you can survive the hit. The area surrounding him a couple feet will also cause you damage and stagger you if you are to close when he drops. Just roll out of the way and wait for him to drop.

Now on to the fight part of the Dark Souls Stray Demon boss guide. Once you fall heal because he can kill you from the fall. If other little zombies fall with you try to finish them off first because they will just get in the way.

The best advice I can give for this fight is stay behind him but keep the yourself close so he doesn’t use his axe on you. Strike him in the legs when you can because they are the easiest to his.

Once you close the gap lay into him. He will likely put his axe in the air and be ready to do his AoE. Just run behind him and keep a bit of distance so the backlash doesn’t hit you. After it misses run in and poke him a couple times or more until he does another ability.

If he can’t land his AoE he will try to just smash you. Just don’t get caught under him during this and you will be fine. After he misses you and lands on his butt you can strike him a few times before he recovers which is nice.

If you are to far away he will use his axe and AoE combo and you will be rolled. Keep yourself as close as you can and go in and out in and out. Avoid his AoE axe smash and his butt slam and you will beat him after a bit. Just play defensively and only attack when he is not ready and you will get him.

That will end the Dark Souls Stray Demon boss guide. Check back soon for more guides.

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