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Dark Souls Taurus Demon Guide

Dark Souls Taurus Demon Guide

The next boss in Dark Souls is the Taurus Demon. This boss guide will help you bring it down quick. This fight is pretty simple but if you don’t know how to do it correctly you might be in trouble. Let’s go. First thing for the Dark Souls Taurus Demon boss guide is his abilities. Well actually ability he really only does one thing.

All he really will try to do to you is hit you with his giant pole. Admittedly it is hard to dodge but we won’t be facing him head on so it isn’t to much trouble. Still to dodge is wait until he about to swing and dodge under the gap.

He can also jump to the top of the tower if you are not quick.

The next part of the Dark Souls Taurus Demon boss guide is the fight. This is an easy fight but still you need to be careful he can end you quickly.

When the fight starts you will have ideally cleared the tower that we need to jump off of. Right when you come through the fog to the right is a ladder. Climb that ladder and clear the two enemies.

Now go start the fight. The boss will jump down from a tower. You need to run back to that ladder climb up, use both hands on your weapon and do a plunge attack(dropping down onto him). This will take quite a bit of his hp but also leave you open to his attacks.

Once down there be sure to WALK under in between his legs. Trying to roll will likely get you stuck so just run or walk through them. Go a bit of distance away and wait for him to come after you. Once he does wait for him to try and strike then evade it. After you evade it and go up the ladder and repeat the lunge attack. Be careful if you are not quick he can jump up and hit you. If he does this jump down and try again. Do this a few times and you will drop him no problem.

If you are a mage or ranged guy you can try your luck at a distance but he closes the gaps quick.

That will end the Dark Souls Taurus Demon boss guide. Looking for more Dark Soul Boss Guides? Favorite our Complete Boss Walkthrough Guide for the latest Boss Fight Guides.

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