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Darkest Dungeon 2 Dark Impulse – What Is It For?

The Dark Impulse Trinket Is Used To Empower Other Trinkets

The Dark Impulse is a Vague Trinket in Darkest Dungeon 2. This Darkest Dungeon 2 Dark Impulse guide answers the lingering question, what is it for and what does it do? There are a huge variety of trinkets that you can collect in Darkest Dungeon 2. Each Trinket is unique in what it offers your party but the Dark Impulse Trinket is one that is slightly more complicated, not helped by the games lacking description.

The Dark Impulse is dropped from Cultist & Cosmic battles in the game. When you collect one it simple reads “Vague Trinket. Unlocks the potential of Cultist Trinkets”. As you have probably guessed, this Trinket is actually entirely useless by itself, you will need other trinkets to activate it.

Darkest Dungeon 2 Dark Impulse – What Is It For?

Th Dark Impulse requires other Trinkets to work. When you discover another Trinket it will specifically state, in the Trinkets description, that it requires the Dark Impulse Trinket to expand. These are all Cultist related Trinkets, so if you don’t fight the Cultists very often, it’s unlikely that you will encounter the other Trinkets you need.

So if you only do a single Cultist fight an entire run, it’s very unlikely you will ever use Dark Impulse. However, if you are constantly fighting the Cultists, hold on to the Dark Impulse Trinket and eventually, with a bit of luck, you’ll get a Trinket that benefits. It’s clearly labeled in the description, so you will know it when you see it.

  • The Dark Impulse is a Vague Trinket in Darkest Dungeon 2
  • By itself, it does nothing but take up a slot in your inventory
  • It is one of many possible random rewards for defeating Cultist & Cosmic battles
  • Other Trinkets that drop from Cultists become much more powerful when equipped alongside the Dark Impulse
  • Trinkets that work with the Dark Impulse drop from Cultists and are clearly labelled.
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