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Darksiders 2: Boatman Coin Locations Guide

Darksiders 2: Boatman Coin Locations Guide
During your travels in Darksiders 2 you will discover a number of special items known as Boatman coins. An inevitable question will then follow, where can I find the Boatman Coins in Darksiders 2? This Darksiders 2: Boatman Coin Locations Guide will tell you exactly where to find each Boatman Coin and what you can do with them.

Boatman Coins are a highly useful item, they allow you to purchase random loot boxes from Vulgrim. You can purchase a character respec, or 3 unique loot boxes. The boxes cost 1000/1, 5000/5 and 10,000/5 in terms of Gold and Boatman Coins. These are a great way to get a selection of awesome items so you’ll want to make sure you collect as many Boatman Coins as possible. The item you get comes at the same level as Death, so I would suggest holding out until nearer the end if you want to attempt The Crucible and other hard tasks.

Darksiders 2: Boatman Coin Locations Guide – Forge Lands
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Boatman Coin #1
The first Boatman Coin can be found in Tri-Stone. After you’ve spoken with the Makers at the forge in Tri-Stone, you’ll speak to Thane and he’ll open the large door on the way to the Forge. The first Boatman Coin can be located in a small body of water just after you enter.

Boatman Coin #2
The second Boatman Coin isn’t all that far from the first one. Once you enter Stonefather’s Vale, you’ll be introduced to the corruption via a cut-scene. After the cut-scene, mount up and head to the West. You’ll see a large door that has been corrupted in the distance, just next to that door is the second Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #3
The third coin can be found in The Nook in Baneswood. Head to Baneswood and travel to the most North Eastern dungeon. Inside the first room, with the strange blue object, there’s a lot of barrels and a chest. I’m not exactly sure which barrel I got the coin from as I only noticed it in my inventory after I left. So smash every box in the room and you’ll find your third coin.

Boatman Coin #4
The fourth Boatman Coin can also be found in Baneswood. Head to the South West corner of the map and you should notice it flying in the air. Go up the side of the hill part and jump off to collect it.

Boatman Coin #5
The fifth Boatman Coin can also be found in Baneswood. Take the South Eastern path towards the Charred Pass. Just when you go through the first arch on your map, you’ll notice a chest up to the West. Up behind the chest, further West, there’s a Boatman Coin on the edge of a jump. Jump off and grab it.

Boatman Coin #6
The next Boatman Coin can be found a little further ahead of number 5. As you continue down the Charred Pass you’ll pass a very large log that’s been torn in to. As you approach, check the hollow log on your left for the 6th Boatman Coin

Boatman Coin #7
The seventh Boatman Coin can be found directly North of the hollow logs. There’s a bunch of constructs surrounding a broken well. Swim down a short distance and you’ll see the coin.

Boatman Coin #8
The eighth Boatman Coin can be a little risky if you’re not careful. It’s inside the Cauldron shortly after the room with the explosive bomb switch. It’s not hard to miss, you’ll enter a room with a huge flow of lava down the middle. The Boatman Coin can be found down a small slanting path straight ahead of you as you enter the door.

Boatman Coin #9
Inside the Cauldron. When you reach the part with the Stalker, that carries the bone you need for the Shaman’s Craft Side Quest, destroy the barrels around the outer edge of the room to obtain your ninth Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #10
Another Boatman Coin inside The Cauldron. In the room with the first Blue Orb, and one hole, place the Blue Orb into the hole to turn the wall into a climbable object. Just up to the shimmy object, shimmy to the end and then jump directly behind to grab the floating Boatman Coin

Boatman Coin #11
Inside the Cauldron again for this one. Shortly after the room with the two Blue Orbs puzzle, you’ll have to press a switch to raise the Cauldron from the lava. Smash the nearby urns and boxes to get your tenth Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #12
The final Boatman Coin inside The Cauldron is located after you’ve defeated the boss and turn the circular lever. The circular staircase that takes you back to the entrance, jump down the middle of it to claim the twelfth Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #13
I’m not certain on the location of this Boatman Coin. Once you enter Drenchfoot for the first time, and past the Stingers and Prowlers, head North to a ruined castle. I was swimming around in the area when I noticed my Boatman Coin tally increased, so it’s there somewhere.

Boatman Coin #14
This Boatman Coin can be a little tricky. On your journey into Drenchfoot, just after you have to shoot the Shadowbomb, climb the side of the tower and walk slowly around the edge. Directly at the top, as soon as you jump up, you should see it.

Boatman Coin #15
The next Boatman Coin is almost directly next to number 14. After you enter the tower and get locked in, defeat the monsters to open the other door and then take a right as you leave.

Boatman Coin #16
This one took me about 15 minutes to figure out how to get it. It’s located next to Blackroot in the The Fjord. Look at him, and then turn slightly to your left, looking behind. You’ll see it floating. Use Despair (your horse) and use the sprint button off the edge to collect it

Boatman Coin #17
Check your map in The Fjord, you’ll see a watery area down to the South West. Head down there. Once there head to the end of the East side bridge and check under water. The seventeenth Boatman Coin is there.

Boatman Coin #18
Check The Fjord on your map and to the South East, on the North East side, there’s a windy road that appears to lead to a dead end. Follow that and enter a door into the cliff. Turn right once inside, past the two chests, to another small dead end. The Boatman Coin can be found there

Boatman Coin #19
In the Drenchfort at The Fjord. As soon as you enter (after activating the blue orb) look down and to your right ahead of you (over the edge) you’ll see the next Boatman Coin

Boatman Coin #20
In the first main room in Drenchfort, drop down to the bottom and follow the long tunnel. The Boatman Coin is at the end.

Boatman Coin #21
Another one in Drenchfort, this time in the room with the large statue and Blue Orb. Climb the North wall using the hand grips and walk over the very thin stone arch. There’s a chest nearby also.

Boatman Coin #22
Still in Drenchfort, this coin can be found in the ambush room with the stalkers inside one of the boxes. After you’ve filled the Aqueduct once, and you swim under the tunnel to climb the previously unreachable grips.

Boatman Coin #23
The final Boatman Coin I discovered in Drenchfort. After you pull the final lever, turn around and jump off the ledge you used to climb up.

Boatman Coin #24
I totally missed this first time round. On the road towards The Drenchfort, there’s a cliff you can leap off to find a Boatman Coin. It’s directly opposite Oran’s Right Leg (the strange rock formation nearby). This is just as you reach the path that winds round to The Drenchfort.

Boatman Coin #25
Found during the Side Quest Shattered Forge. It’s in the first big room with the central chest. Drop into the water below and swim round to the back

Boatman Coin #26
This one can be found inside The Nook during the main quest line. After you traverse the beams through the room with no floor, and then descend the staircase, you’ll enter a courtyard. The Boatman Coin is in the North East jars and boxes.

Boatman Coin #27
Another one inside The Nook. In the last room, the one filled with water and the large staircase, follow it underwater to a small room. The coin can be found inside that room.

Boatman Coin #28
Inside The Nook again, during the main quest line. You’ll encounter a floating head thing in a large room. Smash the barrels next to the door you used to enter to find the Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #29
This one is just around the corner from #28. After you kill the floating head and climb over the Corruption, follow the long tunnel to the room with water in the middle. The Boatman Coin is in-front and to the left, as you enter, under the water.

Boatman Coin #30
Another Boatman coin inside The Nook. After the huge fight with the multiple floating heads and Champions, you head West and through 2 doors to enter a large wall running area. As you land the other side, the Boatman Coin is behind you.

Boatman Coin #31
Almost immediately after Boatman Coin #30, you enter a large area with a huge tree ahead and to your right. Search near that tree for the next Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #32
Before the Boss Fight with the Construct Hulk Boss, the room where you’re ambushed by two Construct Champions, smash the urns and jars on the South side for another Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #33
After you restore the bridge to The Foundry, check behind the statue on the right side, as you approach.

Boatman Coin #34
The second Boatman Coin in The Foundry can be found underwater near the submerged Construct. You’ll need Pup to toss you up onto a ledge with a chest in order to get there.

Boatman Coin #35
Just after you place the first heart piece in The Guardian inside The Foundry. You go through a couple of pipes and over 2 jumps into a room with another sleeping Construct. Check the corner just behind it (as you approach) and smash a jar.

Boatman Coin #36
Again in The Foundry. In the room where the second heart is, run to the West side and jump down into the water.

Boatman Coin #37
This one is also located in the large room with the second heart. When you climb the huge wall, jump down the other side into the water and swim as far East as possible. The Boatman Coin is deep underwater at the end.

Boatman Coin #38
Just after you’ve got the second heart and you head back into the room with the water and tunnels. Climb the west wall through another tunnel and you’ll see the Boatman Coin in a final tunnel.

Boatman Coin #39
In the basement of The Nook. You need Deathgrip. Head down to the basement floor, where the flying flame bird was. It’s directly in front as you come down the stairs.

Boatman Coin #40
Under the bridge outside of the Weeping Crag. Can wait until you’re doing the Kill X Sidequest to get it.

Boatman Coin #71 (The Scar cannot be accessed until you have Deathgrasp, if you don’t continue on to Kingdom of the Dead. I came back to this point after completing Lost Light)
This one is at the entrance to The Scar. Deathgrasp across and you’ll see it.

Boatman Coin #72
Straight ahead of you after you get the Skeleton Key in The Scar

Darksiders 2: Boatman Coin Locations Guide – Kingdom of the Dead
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Boatman Coin #41
This coin can be found inside Breach. Once inside, it’s just past the first door you unlock. After you descend down the pole and defeat the Skeletons, it’s on your left as you enter the next room.

Boatman Coin #42
Straight after Coin #41, the next Skeleton room has two statues, East and West. Search behind the East one for another Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #43
As you leave the Breach through the South door, check your map. After the first bridge, where all 3 bridges meet, head to the broken East side of that.

Boatman Coin #44
North of Serpents Peak, you can see the map turn to a dead end. Head there to find a small fortress. As you enter, take a left and look inside the door frame. The Boatman Coin is in the rubble there.

Boatman Coin #45
On your way to Serpents Peak you’ll have to enter an archway, just before the archway look to your left (as you’re approaching) and you’ll see the Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #46
Underneath where the Chancellor stands on the Eternal Throne. Bottom deck, next to the Tome in some boxes.

Boatman Coin #47
After you take the East door out of the main arena room in the Gilded Arena. Eventually you’ll reach a very large room filled with Skeletons. Enter the next room and you’ll see the Boatman Coin in the corner in front of you.

Boatman Coin #48
You can’t miss this one. Shortly after entering the West door in the main arena, you’ll have to solve a puzzle and then wall jump. You can’t miss it.

Boatman Coin #49
After you collect the second Animus Stone and take the North East exit. You’ll enter a room with the chest, directly opposite the chest you can climb to your left onto a raised platform. Wall run to the opposite platform and smash all the boxes.

Boatman Coin #50
North West in The Maw, just after the bridge. Turn into the small archway and walk through down to the edge. It’s just outside.

Boatman Coin #51
North East in The Maw, outside and above the entrance to Sentinel’s Gaze. On the left as you look at the staircase.

Boatman Coin #52
In The Sentinel’s Gaze, the underground tomb in North East of The Maw. Head inside, way down the stairs. Once you reach all the Skeletons, check the Northern side.

Boatman Coin #53
Inside the first room after the lift inside Phariseer’s Tomb

Boatman Coin #54
Another one inside Phariseer’s Tomb. After Phariseer sabotages the elevator, head into that room and look to your left and up, as you walk in.

Boatman Coin #55
In Phariseer’s Tomb. In the room where the large Skeleton with the shield appears. Smash the boxes, it was in there somewhere.

Boatman Coin #56
When you leave The Maw by the South East gate, take a right after you get the spirit to pull the lever (right as you enter). Climb the first wall and then look behind you, it’s floating.

Boatman Coin #57
You need to climb to the top of the fortress in the South East corner of The Spine. As you exit, from higher floors, you can get it there. After the chests and hole in the floor.

Boatman Coin #58
Smash the crates next to the locked door in the Tormentor room. Second tower in Judicator’s dungeon.

Boatman Coin #59
After you’ve unlocked the door in the second tower in Judicator’s dungeon, go under water and to the left, as you enter.

Boatman Coin #60
Inside the Judicator’s dungeon, in the third tower. After you’ve raised the lift to the top floor, enter the tower staircase and check under water.

Boatman Coin #61
Inside City of the Dead. Inside the room with a Deathgrasp object on the right, off the side. You need to climb all the way round and turn the bridge to the other side. Then walk across and you’ll see it.

Boatman Coin #62
Inside City of the Dead. The room with the “L” shaped bridge and 2 Wraiths. Check high above the switch.

Boatman Coin #64
Inside the City of the Dead. About 80% of the way through City of the Dead you can stand on a pressure plate that reveals some ledges you can hang onto. Get one of your shadows to hang on that ledge, while the other moves off the pressure plate, leading the previous shadow to a secret location.

Boatman Coin #65
Another one inside City of the Dead. When you find the chest with the Skeleton Key, turn around, go inside and look up. Use your Deathgrasp to get it.

Boatman Coin #66
After completing City of the Dead I went on the side quest to Lair of the Deposed King so you may want to head there for this to make sense. Inside the lair above the chest with the Skeleton key inside.

Boatman Coin #67
Go North past the locked door inside the Lair of the Deposed King. It’s over the first bit, boxes on your left.

Darksiders 2: Boatman Coin Locations Guide – Lost Light
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Boatman Coin #68
Next to the Death Tomb door in Lost Light. Behind a pillar to the left, as you look at the door

Boatman Coin #69
Being Nathanial straight after he talks to you after the Angel ambush

Boatman Coin #70
After riding the elevator to the Citadel. Take a left and then drop down the small area next to the Angels.
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(Note: I Went to The Scar to complete a side quest here, check back at the Forge Lands section)

Boatman Coin #80
Inside the 3rd tome from the third Book of the Dead.

Boatman Coin #81
Inside the 3rd tome from the third Book of the Dead.

Darksiders 2: Boatman Coin Locations Guide – Earth
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Boatman Coin #73
At the start of your time on Earth, the area where you meet the angels. Check the North West corner, a Boatman Coin is hidden behind a car.

Boatman Coin #74
Also in the first area on Earth. Check one of the two southern rooms to find it.

Boatman Coin #75
This one’s hard to miss. After you defeat The Noss, check the South West corner of the area you dropped down into.

Boatman Coin #76
After you defeat The Noss and work your way through the tunnels filled with cars. You’ll enter another large set of sewer tunnels. It’s located directly ahead of you as you enter, but you have to go around to the left to get it.

Boatman Coin #77
After you collect the Eye of Arafel and speak with Uriel to open another door, check directly North before you enter.

Boatman Coin #78
After you fight The Noss for the second time and cross the bridge. After fighting 2 of the big guys, there’s a small room on your left. The coin is in there.

Boatman Coin #79
After you complete the rod and enter a series of rooms, it’s on your left in a hole in the wall. In the room before the final trapped angel.

Note: You should have completed the 3 Book of the Dead at this point. You may want to return to Lost Light to collect 2 more Boatman Coins from the tomb.

Darksiders 2: Boatman Coin Locations Guide – The Ivory Citadel
[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Boatman Coin #82
Near the beginning, after you destroy the Corruption and drop down to the next level, you’ll see more Corruption to the North. Check the right side of the wall and walk around to a ledge to find this Boatman Coin.

Boatman Coin #83
After you fight the Corrupted Angels in the courtyard check near the broken wall and fallen pillar

Boatman Coin #84
After you get the Dungeon Map, climb back up and do a long wall run. The coin is in the West corner.

Boatman Coin #84
After you meet Ayfid for the first time and use Void Walker to go through the portals. You’ll find more Corrupted Angels. Search behind the large tree to the North to find this coin.

Boatman Coin #85
After you exit the Eastern Tower, through a portal, you’ll be outside. The coin is on the way up the stairs.

I’m not going to be update this for the next few days so please leave a comment if you’ve found any and I’ll add it to the guide. As well as credit your name.

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  1. You missed one. It is near Second Page of the Book of the Dead. I think it is near the chest and you continue from the chest to the end of the ruin to the left of the chest. I hope I explained it well enough.

      1. 1.Ruins in east Baneswood. Stand from south side and look up (wall run and jump to get it).
        2.Ruins close to the lake in Fjord. You need deathgrasp to climb there.

  2. Hey bro, went and investigated coin location 13, when you first get into the Drenchfort path area, to the castle in the north. Exact location: Jump down onto the broken half-submerged bridge. The coin is under the other half, between itself and the wall.

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