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Darksiders 2: Bone Giant Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2 Bone Giant Boss Fight Guide
After rescuing two souls in the Judicator’s dungeon, without many problems, you’re faced with a Bone Giant Boss Fight after releasing the third soul. This Darksiders 2: Bone Giant Boss Fight Guide will guide you through each stage of the fight, tell you the Bone Giant’s abilities and what abilities you can use to make this go smoothly.

How To Defeat Bone Giant?

Stage 1
The first stage of this fight is actually good fun. It’s just endless upon endless waves of undead Skeletons. They’re the weak variety so they pose no threat. Once you’re bored of smashing them to pieces, you’ll need to target the hanging Skeleton above. Your melee attacks can hit but it’s not too slow if you use the gun. Once you’ve taken his health down to 0, he’ll disappear for a few seconds and return as a total bad ass.

Stage 2
He has two main abilities in this stage, a 2-punch combination attack and a long-range headbutt. The 2-punch attack is easy to see coming, he’ll raise his right arm about half a second before attacking you. Make sure to avoid the first one or he’ll often hit you with both. The other attack is a bit harder to foresee. He’ll tilt his head back slightly and then lunge it forward. It does hurt a bit so you’ll want to dodge to the side and get a few hits in. Use Teleport Slash to jump through him to avoid both of his abilities, and then just damage from the rear. Very simple boss fight.

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