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Darksiders 2: Earth Side Quest Guide

Darksiders 2 Earth Side Quest Guide
The side quests dry out a bit once you’ve left The Forge Lands, but there’s one side quest in Earth that’s quite the task.

Darksiders 2 Earth Side Quest Guide

Light of the Fallen
You get the quest after you use the Salvation gun to destroy the waves of enemies. Speak with Uriel and she’ll as you to “Free” 10 of her fallen comrades.

Trapped Hellguard #1
After leaving the first courtyard, being ambushed by The Swarm and walking through the building. The first angel is on the wall to your left as you walk down the street, it’s hard to miss.

Trapped Hellguard #2
After you get attacked by the Suffering, head North East into the subway. Past the chest and down the stairs. The first room you enter, the angel is trapped in the South East corner.

Trapped Hellguard #3
Again in the sewers, after you fight another of the explosive enemies, head down the stairs and go east. There’s 3 little parts of the map that stick out, the angel is in one of those.

Trapped Hellguard #4
When you get the chest for the Dungeon Map, head North West down the dead end road where a relic awaits you at the end. Turn backwards and look up to your right, the angel is trapped on the side of a building

Trapped Hellguard #5
This one is quite hard to find. After you collect the dungeon map and head through a building to an alley in the next area. Head straight out of the alley into a room that houses a Book of the Dead page. After that turn back and face the alley, look up and to your right. The angel is trapped way up on the side of a building

Trapped Hellguard #6
After defeating The Noss, you enter a large tunnel and eventually arrive at a chest. Just past the chest, where you have to climb up a small mound to reach the next area, you’ll see another Salvation Gun leaning against the wall. Just behind that is another fallen angel.

Trapped Hellguard #7
Following the path from #6, continue through until you’re back inside the car tunnel on the opposite side of the blockade. Directly in front of you is a door to a small area just off the tunnel. The angel can be found inside

Trapped Hellguard #8
After you defeat The Noss for the second time, follow the street right to the West end and peer over the edge. You can also get a secret chest appear here if you destroy 4 blue boxes on the side of the road.

Trapped Hellguard #9
After defeating The Noss for the third and final time, head towards the end of the bridge, where it turns East, and then turn around. The angel is on the right hand side high up one of the supports

Trapped Hellguard #10
You can’t really miss this one. As you complete the rod and enter the series of rooms, it’s in the last one before you meet Uriel for the final time.

Sunder – A powerful secondary weapon with the added ability of Shielding

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