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Darksiders 2: Gharn Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2: Gharn Boss Fight Guide
Darksiders 2 features a number of difficult boss fights, you’ve already defeated the Ice Giant and a weak version of your brother War, so this Gharn Boss Fight shouldn’t be a problem. This Darksiders 2: Gharn Boss Fight Guide will guide you through Gharn’s abilities and skills, as well as the best way to defeat the monstrosity.

How to Defeat Gharn

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Gharn is a relativity easy boss fight, so if you’ve mastered your dodging and counter-attacks, you shouldn’t have a problem. He only really has 3 abilities worth noting, his charge attack, his recovery attack and his melee. The melee is difficult to see but easy to dodge, when you’re close he’ll pull his arm back before launching at you with a punch, simply dodge any direction away from him and you’ll avoid it. The other two attacks are more deadly. The charge attack hurts, a lot, so you want to avoid it whenever possible. Before he charges he’ll lift his big arm and it will start spinning, he’ll then run towards you at an impressive speed. Again, simply dodge the attack. His final ability only occurs after you’ve knocked him down. As soon as he starts to get up, retreat using your dodge. He explodes and causes a lot of damage so keep your distance.

Defeating his is pretty simply, wait until he activates an animation for one of his abilities and then roll behind him. Don’t risk heavy weapon attacks, just hit as quickly as possible. Do this a few times and he will eventually fall down to one knee, this is when you want to launch your biggest combos and most damaging abilities, for example, summoning minions if you chose Necromancer. After you’ve done this a few times you’ll take him down and grab some really nice loot.

If you have any questions or you’re still struggling, leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to help you out if I can.

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