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Darksiders 2: Ghorn Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2 Ghorn Boss Fight Guide
Ghorn is not a main quest boss so you’re able to totally skip him and The Scar dungeon if you wish, but there’s a side quest reward here as well as some nice loot. This Darksiders 2: Ghorn Boss Fight Guide will offer you information on Ghorn’s abilities, as well as the best techniques to take him down.

How To Kill Ghorn?

Stage 1:
The initial stage is about as basic as they come. Ghorn’s attacks are slow and regular, allowing for easy dodge and counter attacks. Occasionally he will begin glowing for a second or so, that’s when you want to retreat. He’ll unleash a short range explosive attack in all directions, doesn’t hurt all that much but it’s better to dodge it when you can.

Stage 2:
When you get him down to about 80% health, he’ll add another attack to his arsenal. He’ll begin to pound the floor, causing lava pools to rise up through the ground. As long as you use the 2 dodge technique (don’t dodge too fast or the final flip will stall you long enough for the lava to hit you). Keep dodging around in a circular motion until he finishes his attack

Stage 3:
The final stage includes all of Ghorn’s previous abilities, but with the aid of a bunch of extra enemies. Using the techniques above to dodge his abilities, ignore the added minions when possible, just aiming to get Ghorn’s health down as quickly as possible. When he gets down to about 10% HP, use your action key (O on PlayStation) to initiate the finishing blow.

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