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Darksiders 2: Gnashor Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2: Gnashor Boss Fight Guide
After painstaking puzzles, fights with hundreds of Skeletons and the collection of 3 items, you’re rewarded with another Boss Fight, oh the joy. This Darksiders 2: Gnashor Boss Fight Guide will tell you about the various skills and abilities available to Gnashor, as well as an easy technique to take him down.

How To Defeat Gnashor

Stage 1
At first, Gnashor stays underground. You can tell where he is by the trail of sand moving on the surface. If it’s just dust/sand, it won’t hurt you. However, if there’s a clear mound of dirt, touching it will cause damage. The best way to avoid this is to wait until the last second and then dodge, sideways and forward. Every few seconds he’ll stick his head up above the surface, that’s when you need to strike. Use your Deathsgrasp to pull his face into the ground, stunning him for several seconds. Do your damage there, but don’t waste your Reaper skill if it’s available. You only have to stun him once or twice. After the first time he’ll use a spinning attack but just use the same dodging technique you used when he was underground.

Stage 2
Gnashor changes into a new, and far more intimidating form. He will use a long range physical attack that will hit multiple times if he connects the first blow. As with regular tough monster fights, just keep at his heels, dodging attacks and countering. Once you get him to about 80% health, you can’t get much lower before he heals. When you hit him for a good amount of damage, he will stagger for a second and then roar at you. When he does that roar use your Deathgrasp to smash his cheeky face into the floor. This reveals his previous form, so deal as much damage as you can. That form will then jump out from underground with very little notice, so watch for any movement and dodge. Eventually, he’ll go back into his full body.

That’s pretty much it. It’s not a hard fight but the mechanics make it quite fun. If you’re still not having any luck, leave a comment and I’ll help if I can.

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