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Darksiders 2: Kingdom Of The Dead Side Quest Guide

Darksiders 2: Kingdom Of The Dead Side Quest Guide
After completing the Forge Lands and reaching the Tree of Life, you’re teleported to the Tree of Death in the Dead Lands. This Darksiders 2: Kingdom Of The Dead Side Quest Guide will give you a list of the currently discovered quests in the Dead Lands, information on how to complete them, and what rewards you can receive.

Darksiders 2: Kingdom Of The Dead Side Quest Guide

Lost Relics
This is the first quest you’ll receive when you enter the Dead Lands. You get it from Ostegoth the merchant. He tasks you with finding 15 Relics of Etu-Goth, 10 Relics of Renagoth and 5 Relics of Khagoth. For more information, check out our Collectibles Guide for the Relic Side Quest

GnoMAD’s Gnome
You gain this quest after finding your first Gnome. The first one is inside the City of the Dead. About 80% of the way through City of the Dead you can stand on a pressure plate that reveals some ledges you can hang onto. Get one of your shadows to hang on that ledge, while the other moves off the pressure plate, leading the previous shadow to a secret location.

Gnome #2
The second Gnome is found inside The Ivory Citadel. After you’ve released all the water from the Aquaduct, return to the room where you found the Skeleton Key and the Corruption will no longer be blocking your path. The Gnome is there.

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