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Darksiders 2: Lost Light Side Quest Guide

 Darksiders 2 Lost Light Side Quest Guide
After completing The Forge Lands and Kingdom of the Dead, Death finds himself in a more tranquil location, Lost Light. This Darksiders 2: Lost Light Side Quest Guide will list the available Side Quest in Lost Light, how to complete them, and what rewards you may receive.

Darksiders 2: Lost Light Side Quest Guide

The Lost Soul
When you first arrive in Lost Light and you’re ambushed by the Angels, Nathanial will come to your aid. Speak to him about “Other Business” and he’ll ask you to run some errands with a scroll. The first stage of this quest is pretty simple, go to the Kingdom of the Dead and speak with the Chancellor at the Eternal Throne. Remember to use Fast Travel and it will only take about 30 seconds. You must also deliver it to Muria (The blind maker) to receive another quest in the Forge Lands. You can check our Forge Lands Side Quest Guide for more information. You have to complete both Muria’s and The Chancellor’s quest to hand this in.

The Chancellor’s Quarry
You obtain this quest after taking Nathanial’s scroll to The Chancellor on the Eternal Throne. He takes you with investigating Soul Arbiter’s Maze, something you don’t want to do until you’re nearing the end of your adventures.

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