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Darksiders 2: Phariseer Boss Fight Guide

Darksiders 2: Phariseer Boss Fight Guide
After yet another puzzle filled dungeon, you’ve got to defeat a rather deadly opponent, Phariseer. This Darksiders 2: Phariseer Boss Fight Guide will teach you how. We’ll list the abilities the Phariseer can use, what you can do to avoid them and what skills you can use for maximum damage. Here we go.

How To Kill Phariseer

Stage 1
The Phariseer is unique when compared to previous bosses as he doesn’t focus on singular powerful hits, instead he attacks fast and often. This means you’ll need to adapt to a whole new technique of dodging, although for once it’s a boss that isn’t 5 times the size of Death. He has two main abilities that he will use at the start. A 2-hit swing combination and a very short range AoE. The 2-swing combination is what you want to watch out for, as soon as he starts doing it, dodge to his rear and lay out the damage. It only takes a few hits before he moves on to stage 2

Stage 2
He summons quite a few Skeletons after you’ve dished out a bit of damage. They’re weak but can work as healing bodies if you’ve got good heal on execution stat. He also gets a new ability during this way where he jumps and lunges forward. Distract the minions while working on him, don’t focus on them or you’ll get hit in the back hard. Just work him down bit by bit. It’s quite an easy boss fight.

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