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Darksiders 2: Possessed Weapons Guide

Darksiders 2 Possessed Weapons Guide
During your journey in Darksiders 2 you will encounter unique weapons called “Possessed Weapons”. These are unique in the world of Darksiders 2 and this Darksiders 2: Possessed Weapons Guide will give you some basic information on the available Possessed Weapons as well as some tips and tricks on how to improve them quickly.

What Are Possessed Weapons?

Possessed Weapons are rare items that you usually obtain from difficult boss fights, but they can also be obtained from various NPC and large treasure chests. You can tell a Possessed Weapon by its name and color of the box in your inventory. Having a Possessed Weapon allows you to customize its name, as well as improve its stats, and even add new ones. When you have a Possessed Weapon in your inventory, click it and select upgrade. This will bring you to a new screen including the rest of the items in your possession. Sacrificing these items to your Possessed Weapon can increase the stats and effects of the weapon, or even add new ones.

How To Upgrade Possessed Weapons?

The upgrading process is simple. Enter your inventory and select your Possessed Weapon, then choose the upgrade option. A list of all possible upgrade items becomes available, allowing you to choose which weapons, armor and talismans you want to sacrifice to your weapon. There are three different colored items that you can use to upgrade your Possessed Weapons, White, Green, Blue and Purple. You can sacrifice purple but they need to be the same or higher than the base level of the possessed weapon. White items give the least amount of weapon experience points, while Blue offers a bigger increase and purple the biggest. There is an exception though as Talismans are the best items for improving Possessed Weapons. A White Talisman will offer more experience on your Possessed Weapon than its armor or weapon counterpart. The same goes for Green and Blue Talismans.

When the weapon reaches a new level (maximum of 5 improvement levels) you can select a new enhancement to be placed onto that weapon. The enhancement does not stack with current enhancements. So for example your Possessed Double Scythes have +12 Fire Damage and your next level enchantment offers +14 Fire Damage, the overall at the end will be +14. You need to be cautious too because if your current stat is Critical 22% and you choose an enhancement offer Critical 10%, you will lose 12%. You can select the enhancements yourself, you don’t have to choose the one at the top of the list. Things like strength arcane defense and resistance are active from both weapons, but all effects that are pertinent to the weapon hitting itself, like critical chance or damage, wrath/health on hit/kill/crit or elemental damage are only for each weapon itself, as you can see in the statistics page for the weapons, for example if you have +10% crit chance on your secondary weapon you would see 3% for primary and 13% for secondary weapon.

Ideally you want to build 2 weapons that support each other. For example

Critical Damage
Execution Chance
Health On Execution

Critical Chance
Critical Damage
Elemental Damage

From my experience, it’s far more beneficial to excel in one particular area rather than spreading out. At about level 12 I was getting critical hits at around the 4.5k mark, enough to destroy anything that wasn’t a boss in 2-3 hits. And some of the bosses didn’t take much more than that.

Know anything else about Possessed Weapons? Share your information in a comment and I’ll add it to the article, with your name as the credit.


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