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Darksiders 2: Relic Side Quest Guide

Darksiders 2: Relic Side Quest Guide
You obtain the Relic Quest as soon as you enter the Kingdom of the Dead for the first time, after speaking with the merchant. This Darksiders 2: Relic Side Quest Guide will list all of the currently discovered locations for each of the three types of Relic’s you’re asked to discover.

Kingdom of the Dead Relics

The below Relic’s are listed in order of discovery

Etu Goth Relic #1
When you first arrive in the Kingdom of the Dead follow the gorge until you reach a bridge. Don’t cross the bridge, instead go to the far cliff on the East side.

Relic of Khagoth #1
On your way to Serpents Peak, go as far South as you can go on the map, just before the “K” in peak. There’s a chest with a switch, hit the switch and climb the wall.

Relic of Ranagoth #1
Inside the Gilded Arena, with the talking statues. It’s on the East side, floor 3. You’ll need to climb a few levels, use Deathgrasp and then wall run.

Etu Goth Relic #2
Inside the Gilded Arena. After you enter the West gate, solve a few puzzles and go over a bridge with a Shadowbomb on it. There’s stairs you have to wall run down. After 1 wall run, turn and you’ll see it.

Etu Goth Relic #3
Behind the King’s throne on the Eternal Throne, after completing the Gilded Arena.

Relic of Ranagoth #2
When you exit the Eternal Throne after completing the Gilded Arena, follow the cliff on your right. The second large rock formation surrounded by twisted branches, walk close to the edge and under the vine to find this Relic.

Etu Goth Relic #4
In Sentinel’s Gaze, the underground tomb in North East of The Maw. Go right to the end, where all the Skeleton’s are. Climb the tower to your left as you enter and check behind the torch.

Etu Goth Relic #5
In Sentinel’s Gaze. In the room where the large Skeleton with the shield appears. Smash the boxes, it was in there somewhere.

Etu Goth Relic #6
Just outside the entrance to Soul Arbiter’s Maze. As you approach, walk to the cliffs on the right and then turn around.

Relic of Ranagoth #3
Approach the Fortress in the far South East corner of The Spine. As soon as you see the hand climbing parts on the wall, take a right and head behind the big rock at the edge of the cliff.

Relic of Khagoth #2
Underwater in the tower inside the Judicator’s Tomb. At the bottom of the first tower with the trapped soul, after the puzzle with 2 pressure plates and the strong Lich.

Etu Goth Relic #7
Inside the Judicator’s Tomb. After you press the lever that removes the fence and makes the blue deathgrasp thing appear. Take a right, as you look at the level, and just on your left at the bottom of the stairs is climbable. It’s in the small room below the big chest.

Relic of Ranagoth #4
In the Psychameron, just before the room with the 3 switch puzzle for the dungeon key. When you leave the room, go up the pole and back onto the platform. Look straight ahead and above for climbing area. The Relic is on top.

Etu Goth Relic #9
Just before the boss fight in Psychameron.

Relic of Ranagoth #5
Inside the City of the Dead, in the third large room with 2 locked doors and 2 chests. It’s on one of the steam vents near the Northern door.

Etu Goth Relic #10
Inside City of the Dead. When you reach the room with the 2 Wraiths, the switch you have to use to turn the bridge. Turn around when you press the switch and look to your left.

Etu Goth Relic #10
After completing City of the Dead I went on the side quest to Lair of the Deposed King so you may want to head there for this to make sense. Through the first door inside the lair, straight down the stairs and then the broken stairs ahead. Drop off and turn around for this relic.

Lost Light Relics

Etu Goth Relic #11
Next to Vulgrim in Lost Light, behind a bush.

Relic of Ranagoth #6
As you approach the Citadel, search around to the far right. Right at the end in a small crook.

Earth Relics

Relic of Ranagoth #7
When you get the first piece of the rod, walk north and check behind the red corruption.

Relic of Ranagoth #8
North West of the Dungeon Map chest on Earth. Down the dead end behind the car.

Etu Goth Relic #12
After collecting the final piece of the rod, search a hole in the wall in the following rooms. It’s opposite the chest.

The Ivory Citadel Relics

Relic of Ranagoth #9
Once you enter the Aquaduct and follow the water, you’ll need to drop down twice. It’s behind the waterfall after the second drop.

Relic of Ranagoth #10
After the Corrupted Champions, you’ll reach a room that contains 2 switches that create portals. Use the East lever to lower a gate, the relic is there.

Etu Goth Relic #13
After you claim the Skeleton Key and head all the way back through the Aquaducts. Just before dropping back down into the Skeleton Key room, check behind the nearby waterfall for this relic.

I’m not going to be update this for the next few days so please leave a comment if you’ve found any and I’ll add it to the guide. As well as credit your name.

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