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Darksiders 2: Sticks & Stones Side Quest Guide

Darksiders 2: Sticks & Stones Side Quest Guide
During your travels exploring The Fjord, you can find another Maker, Blackroot, on the west side just after the entrance. He requires a strange sort of food. All of those blue things you’ve seen high on walls and cliff faces? Yup, that’s them. This Darksiders 2: Sticks & Stones Side Quest Guide will show you the locations of all of the stones we’ve discovered so far. Please note: There are plenty of stones before you meet Blackroot, but we’ve only included ones after that so far.

Forge Lands Stonebite Locations

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] The below are listed in the order that I discovered them, but I have yet to go back to before the quest location to find previous Stonebites.

Mystic Stonebite #1
The first Mystic Stonebite is located next to Blackroot that gives you the quest. If you’re looking directly at him, look up to your left and you’ll see it.

Power Stonebite #1

Mystic Stonebite #2
Another Mystic Stonebite can be found on the way to the Drenchfort. As you enter the large cave, check the inside wall on the way round, BEFORE you reach the door for Drenchfoot.

Mystic Stonebite #3
Mystic Stonebite again here. Can be found inside Drenchfort. As you enter (after activating the Blue Orb and going inside, drop down to the chest below you. It’s directly in front of you as you land.

Mystic Stonebite #4
This Mystic Stonebite can be found during the main quest line inside The Nook. When you use the lever that opens both the gate and door, travel downstairs to the lava basement. You’ll reach a room with a blue orb. Release the Blue Orb by standing on the 2 gold traversal points, unlocking the gates to release the orb. Then take the orb up the elevator. The Stonebite is just at the top of the first elevator.

Mystic Stonebite #5
#6 Another Mystic Stonebite located in The Nook. After you take control of The Construct and storm across the bridge back to the main room. When you mount the chain from The Constructs arm, there’s a large room below. The Stonebite is on the wall behind and below, as you cross the chain.

Power Stonebite #2
Another Power Stonebite can be found inside The Nook. Inside the room where you climb the wall to blow up a Shadowbomb to release a Blue Orb. As you’re looking at the Blue Orb, it’s up and to your left. There’s also a Book of the Dead Page here.

Resistance Stonebite #1
Your first Resistance Stonebite can be found in the first room in the Foundry. There’s a cauldron straight ahead of you as you enter, but you have to be quick as it goes away. I’m not sure if the cauldron comes back.

Mystic Stonebite #6
This one can be found in the Weeping Crag on the metal bridge outside.

Power Stonebite #12 (Carry on to The Kingdom of the Dead. You won’t be able to get these ones for a while)
At the entrance to The Scar, look at the door and then turn around. Look up and to your left at a large broken pipe, it’s on the side. You may need to walk round to the right to be able to see it.

Kingdom of the Dead Stonebite Locations

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Power Stonebite #3
This can be found inside the fortress North of Serpent Peak. South East of where it says “Eternal Throne” on the map. As you enter the fortress take a right and look up at the wall to your right. It’s there.

Mystic Stonebite #7
When you meet Vulgrim on your way to Serpents Peak, look up as you’re walking away from him. It’s on the roof of the cave.

Resistance Stonebite #2
Underneath where the Chancellor stands on the Eternal Throne. Bottom deck, next to the Tome on the right, as you look at it.

Mystic Stonebite #8
As you enter the Gilded Arena on the Eternal Throne. After the second door, statue on your right is holding it.

Mystic Stonebite #9
Inside the Gilded Arena when you take the East door to search for the stones. Eventually you’ll reach a room with a huge amount of Skeletons. Check the roof of that room

Mystic Stonebite #10
In the first stone room in the Gilded Arena, where you’re ambushed by Scarabs. It’s on one of the hanging cages.

Power Stonebite #4
When you leave the first stone room in the Gilded Arena, take the newly opened East exit where you’re attacked by two Skeletons. It’s on the roof, in the alcove on the left. There’s also some clue here on the wall for a Maze “WWNE”

Resistance Stonebite #3
On top of the Breach fortress. You need to travel to the Fortress in the North West corner of The Maw, directly opposite the Breach Fortress. Turn the statue on top of that fortress to face the Breach Fortress to unlock the top gates, the stone is next to the chest that was previously unreachable. You can also turn the Breach statue around to face the other Fortress for a few chests there.

Mystic Stonebite #11
Found this by accident after getting carried away trampling Skeletons with Despair. The South East gate to exit The Maw has one sitting in the window.

Mystic Stonebite #12
The second lift room inside Phariseer’s Tomb. Check the wall to the North East.

Power Stonebite #5
Inside Phariseer’s Tomb. After you have to run around while the elevator is a floor lower. Floor 3, East room.

Power Stonebite #6
Leave The Maw via the South West gate. Just as you get to the other side, turn right and climb the wall. The Stonebite is located right at the top.

Power Stonebite #7
Located on a wall opposite the chest in the Fortress in the South West corner of The Spine

Power Stonebite #8
Inside the Judicator’s Tomb. The first room after the lever room, look directly ahead and up as you enter.

Mystic Stonebite #13
Inside the Judicator’s Tomb, third tower, top floor with the spirit. The Bone Giant boss room.

Mystic Stonebite #14
The final room before the boss fight in Psychameron. You enter the door and see a bridge, turn and look above the door

Power Stonebite #9
Inside City of the Dead. When you reach the “L” shaped bridge guarded by 2 Wraiths. Search the nearby room with a chest and 2 more Wraiths. It’s on the wall

Resistance Stonebite #4
After the room with the raising floor in City of Dead. You get ambushed by 3 of the wolf-like creatures. Scan the tower at the top, just behind their spawn.

Power Stonebite #10
After completing City of the Dead I went on the side quest to Lair of the Deposed King so you may want to head there for this to make sense. Once inside follow the staircase all the way to the bottom and go through the door. The Stonebite is directly ahead of you, above the door to the Book of the Dead crypt.

Lost Light Stonebite Locations

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Mystic Stonebite #15
Above the Death Tomb door in Lost Light.

Mystic Stonebite #16
Near Nathanial on a statue, located on the top of it’s sword. The statue is to the right as you look at the Citadel entrance.

Mystic Stonebite #17
On the other statue next to Nathanial

Power Stonebite #11
After riding the elevator up to the Citadel. Take a left and check the statue near the Angels.

Note: I went back to The Forge Lands to complete the Side Quest in The Scar. Scroll back up to Forge Lands.

Earth Stonebite Locations

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Mystic Stonebite #18
In the first area you access on Earth, check in the North West corner. There’s a Boatman Coin. On a nearby building you’ll find this Mystic Stonebite

Mystic Stonebite #19
In the sewers in Earth. The room with the first piece of the rod, directly East of the rod location is a bridge. Stand on it, face the rod location and look up and left.

Mystic Stonebite #20
On Earth, when you get the first chance to select the new grenade launcher type weapon. Walk up to the bridge and then turn behind, the stone is up on the left, on a building.

Resistance Stonebite #5
After you defeat the tall boss, The Noss on Earth, turn around and check the building to the North. It’s halfway up on the outside wall

Power Stonebite #13
After you defeat The Noss and enter the long tunnel. You’ll eventually arrive at a chest. This Stonebite is directly above you and in front, as you open the chest.

Mystic Stonebite #22
After you defeat the Noss the second time and head over the bridge. Walk until there’s a large hole in the bridge, on the floor, not the sides. Walk to the other side, turn around and look down. It’s on the pillar that supports the bridge.

Power Stonebite #14
After you finish building the rod and obtain the final piece you move into a series of rooms. You’ll head down a slope of debris, look up directly ahead of you. It’s on the North wall

The Ivory Citadel Stonebite Locations

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’]

Mystic Stonebite #23
After you see the large pool of Corruption and go East to the next area. As you reach the second floor in that room, turn around to wall run to a chest. The stone is nearby.

Mystic Stonebite #24
After you exit the Eastern Tower, through a portal, you’ll be outside. The stone is on the archway up the stairs

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