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Darksiders 2: The Wailing Host Boss Fight Guide

 Darksiders 2 The Wailing Host Boss Fight Guide
After a long and grueling puzzled-filled journey through the Kingdom of the Dead, you come across a titan of a boss, The Wailing Host. This Darksiders 2: The Wailing Host Boss Fight Guide will give you some information on your enemies abilities, as well as some tips and tricks to bring it down.

How To Kill The Wailing Host?

Stage 1
Stage 1 is relatively easy, I completed it in about 2-3 hits. The Wailing Host only really has one ability here, a two swipe attack. The first swipe will cover the ground immediately in front of it, while the second covers ground at range. Backflip and then immediately dodge towards The Wailing Host before unleashing a combo of attacks. Repeat this once or twice and the The Wailing Host will disappear back down its hole.

Stage 2
Stage 2 is just an added minion fight where The Wailing Host summons a horde of Skeletons. These are especially useful for healing if you have heal on kill or any other perks on your weapon. Otherwise just dispatch of them as quickly and cleanly as possible.

Stage 3
The Wailing Host uses a new ability here where he punches both fists into the ground. If you remain between them, you won’t get hurt. When you do enough damage for it to collapse for a few sections, run up and press “O” to rip of its face. He will then summon another wave of Skeletons. Dispatch of these but be careful of the colorful sign that appears on the floor, a monster will fly up through the ground. I suggest using light attacks on the Skeletons so you have enough time to dodge when the circle appears. Kill all of the Skeletons to advance to the next stage.

Stage 4
The final stage is nasty but fast. I suggest saving your Reaper ability until now. All 3 waves come into effect, The Wailing Host uses all its abilities while the creature and Skeletons harass you. Just get in close and deal as much damage as you can. Keep an eye out for the action key prompt as soon as The Wailing Boss reaches low HP.

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