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Daymare 1998 Greek Terminal Puzzle Guide

Daymare 1998 Greek Terminal Puzzle Guide
One of the more confusing puzzles in Daymare 1998, is the Greek Terminal puzzle. Check out this Daymare 1998 Greek terminal puzzle guide to find out how to get past this one. If you know Greek it might actually be pretty easy for you.

Daymare 1998 Greek Terminal Puzzle Guide

When you get to the Terminal, the first quote is Cast a light unto the darkness and there shall be no storm from which he cannot save you. The answer is this ΧΑΣΤΟΡ. Be careful because there is a normal E and two O letters.

The next quote is No matter the injury it will never end his journey. The answer is this ΠΟΛΛΥΞ. Take your time so you don’t mess it up.

Lastly, you get this one Long and perilous was the journey of the Argonauts to enter into its possession. The answer is a long one, ΓΟΛΔΕΝΦΛΕΕΧΕ. Take your time so you don’t mess this up and have to re do it. When you finish this, a new room will open up so you can get the sample you lost earlier. From there you can head down to the lower lab and get ready to escape. Right before the escape, you are locked down with a mini boss and quite a few enemies. My recommendation is to burn the sub machine on the big guy and bring him down ASAP. I took roughly a minute for them to get the shutters open so I could escape out of the area.

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