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Daymare 1998 Power Terminal Puzzle Guide

Daymare 1998 Power Terminal Puzzle Guide
One of the early obstacles you will run into during your playthrough of Daymare 1998 is the Power Terminal. Check out this Daymare 1998 Power Terminal puzzle guide to get through it quickly. You have to do this in order to get through the game.

Daymare 1998 Power Terminal Puzzle Guide

When you get to the terminal, there is a little note near it that you can read. It explains that the red blips are meant to be areas without power and they need to be fixed. You would assume to fix them you need to select them from the breaker. What a fool you are. You of course, have to activate every single green one on the screen instead of the red ones. They are abbreviated, but easy enough to understand. For me, there were seven green lights you activate.

R.H. means Reception/Hall, S.R. means Server Room, L.A. means Lab Area, S.R. means Security Room, S.S. means Submarine Shaft, C.R. means Control Room, and C.A. is the Cargo Area. The Cargo area is where you need to lift off the sample, so that one makes sense. Activate all of them and then hit the switch on the right and pull it down. This will trigger the power all over the facility and, in true survival horror fashion, activate the enemies. There will be one in the room that you are currently in so be ready. Headshots work very well against the enemies and you might be able to bring it down in one shot. From there, head to the Cargo Area and complete you next objective to progress.

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