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Dead By Daylight Guide: List Of Items & Add-Ons

Dead By Daylight Guide: List Of Items & Add-Ons
Dead By Daylight boasts an impressive variety of character customization and different potential builds. Check out this Dead By Daylight Guide: List Of Items & Add-Ons for a detailed rundown of all the items and add-ons for both Survivors and Killers including information on rarity, use and more.

You can discover items as Survivors during a match and if you’re able to escape with the item, it becomes yours and you can use it until death. Any add-ons attached to the item are also included so keep your eye out for higher level players who aren’t fortunate enough to escape the dreaded hooks of the Killer’s.

Much like Offerings the items and add-ons in Dead By Daylight have a limited use with items lasting until death or expiration and add-ons featuring for a single match.

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List Of Survivor Items & Add-Ons

Flashlight & Add-Ons
Used to stun/blind the Killer. Limited use.

  • Focus Lens – Improves range and power, tightens beam
  • Wide Lens – Widens beam, decreases range
  • Leather Grip – Increases accuracy
  • Power Bulb- Increases beam effects against killer
  • Heavy Duty Battery- Adds additional seconds of use
  • Low Amp Filament- Moderately decreases battery consumpion

Medkit & Add-Ons
Used to heal yourself or heal allies. Limited use.

  • Bandages – Adds additional charges
  • Butterfly Tape – Increases healing speed
  • Medical Scissors – Moderately increases healing speed

Skeleton Key & Add-Ons
Unlocks the Hatch at any point in the game so you can escape. Limited use.

  • Prayer Rope – Adds 10 seconds of use
  • Eroded Token – Reveal survivors auras

Toolbox & Add-Ons
Used to destroy Killer’s hooks and repair generators quicker or without Skill Check.

  • Metal Saw – Increases sabotage speed
  • Wire Spool – Adds 50 additional charges
  • Common Rag – Increase repair speed
  • Clean Rag – Increase repair speed

Map & Add-Ons
Shows nearby objectives on-screen for limited time.

  • Odd Stamp – Increases range of tracking ability
  • Retardant Jelly – Moderately slows down burning rate

List Of Killer Items & Add-Ons

Hillbilly Add-Ons

  • Chainsaw File – Slightly reduces the noise made by the chainsaw, stacks.
  • Rusted Chain – Considerably increases the healing time of survivors injured by the Chainsaw, stacks.
  • Vegetable Oil – Slightly decreases the Chainsaw’s cooldown, stacks.
Trapper Add-Ons
  • Trapper Bag – Start with on extra Bear Trap and can hold one extra Bear Trap.
  • 4 Coil Spring Kit – Moderately increases the difficulty to escape Bear Traps, moderately increases the rescue time of Bear Traps, slightly increases the setting time of Bear Traps, affects every Bear Trap and stacks.
  • Tar Bottle – Considerably darkens the Bear Trap, affects every Bear Trap.
  • Serrated Jaws – Inflicts heavy bleeding upon the trapped victim until healed, affects every Bear Trap.
  • Strong Coil Spring – Slightly increases the difficulty of escaping Bear Traps, slightly increases the rescue time of Bear Traps, slightly increases the setting time of Bear Traps, affects all Bear Traps, stacks.
  • Logwood Dye – Moderately drakens Bear Traps, affects all Bear Traps.
  • Secondary Coil – Moderately increases the Bear Tap sabotage time, affects all Bear Traps, stacks

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