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Dead Island Chapter 1 Guide: Welcome To Banoi

Dead Island Chapter 1 Guide: Welcome To Banoi
This is the first part of our Dead Island Chapter Quest Guides focusing on Chapter 1: Welcome To Banoi. This guide will list all available quests, collectibles and items you can gather while progressing through Chapter 1. If you notice anything missing, please leave a comment. I’ll update the article as I go

Quest Information
Quest Name: Passport To Life
Difficulty: Easy
Reward: 400 Experience Points, Nail’d Mod
Quest Giver: Sinamoi (NPC)

You’ll start chapter 1 after completing the Dead Island Prologue and you’ll be inside the safe room with the other survivors. You can search the bathroom for an Energy Drink, after doing so speak with Sinamoi to continue. Accept the quest, you can then move to the back of the hut near the bathroom and speak with Steven to get another quest “The Lost”. After you leave the hut, walk to the end of the Jetty and search the box for a nice, shiny crowbar, definitely a step up from a lump of wood. There’s also a couple of bags near the broken truck, search the small huts for the last one. Head North past the truck until you reach an area with a ton of bags. Search the bags but leave the Fruit and Energy drinks. Nearby is a tunnel with steam pouring out the entrance, duck under the steam and search the box to obtain another weapon, it’s inevitable to take a bit of damage here but you can survive if you’re fast, then eat the fruit outside to restore some of your health. As you head back you can take the left turn into the water area to eventually reach the Side Quest WaterDance. Continue back towards the hut and follow the objective marker route. You can follow the signs to the cliffside beach, there’s a few infected and a fair bit of cash in some of the beach-side huts. There’s also a hidden objective, a short distance towards the cliff-side beach is a truck with Harris inside, it’s being attacked. Rescue him and you’ll earn 500 experience points and can then accompany him to a nearby station to gather supplies. There’s no need to travel any further down this route so go back to the hut and then go up the stairs following the signs to Ocean View Bungalows.

Head up to the top of the stairs to the pool area, it’s pretty tame around here and there’s nothing that will cause you many problems. Something worth noting though, infected can’t breath under water so a swift kick or solid head hit sending them to the floor of the pool is a quick way to finish them off. When you reach the cabin, you’ll notice a bloodbath outside, speak with Ted, doesn’t do much yet but it’s always good to know what’s going on. Head into the cabin, break down the door and collect the ID card for Sinamoi. Head back down the stairs, you can take a few minutes to explore the nearby area but there isn’t much worth noting apart from the odd bit of cash and weapon components. Once you return to Sinamoi that will complete the Passport To Life Quest Guide and begin the next quest in the main line, Exodus.

Quest Information
Quest Name: Exodus
Difficulty: Hard
Reward: 600 Experience Points, Homemade Cleaver
Quest Giver: Sinamoi (NPC)

Head out the hut and follow the objective marker. If you haven’t done it yet, you can complete the hidden objective to save Harris as his truck is being attacked by a small horde of infected. This rewards you with 500 experience points so it’s worth doing while you’re here anyway.

Once you get to the quest marker you need to open the gate. Open it and clear out the zombies. After that a cut scene will happen and you will deal with your first Thug. These guys will knock you back with a hit and hits hard. He his slow though so you can hit and run him. If you have a Molotov like I did then use that on him. If not use whatever is fast to get and out. Other zombies will come from the garage so deal with them when you have to. He isn’t really a boss he dies quick. After that check out the inside of the station and clear out all the zombies. Use the work bench if you want then head up the stairs next to the bench. Up top fight your way to the radio tower and use the radio. You will get a cut scene and the quest is complete.

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