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Dead Island Chapter 1 Sidequest Guide

Dead Island Chapter 1 Sidequest Guide
This Dead Island Chapter 1 Sidequest Guide will list all available sidequests in Chapter 1 as well as the quest rewards, recommendations and a walkthrough. A video guide for Chapter 1 Dead Island Side Quests can be located at the bottom of the article.

Quest Name: The Lost
Quest Reward: 300 Experience Points, Cash
Quest Difficulty: Easy
Quest Location: Steven

The Lost Sidequest Guide
You can start this quest by speaking with Steven after you’ve got the main quest from Sinamoi. He asks you to find Maggie, a member of another group of survivors that separated from Steven’s group earlier.

Quest Name: WaterDance
Quest Reward: Collectible ID Card, Various Items
Quest Difficulty: Medium
Quest Location: Gas Station

WaterDance Sidequest Guide
This quest is located Northwest of the hut you’re inside at the start of Chapter One. If you head North away from the main objective and take a right to the water area with the small boat, kill the surfer dudes and search nearby for more weapon components and some cash. As you go through the area you’ll notice an overturned boat, search the other side for a new weapon. Continue heading West and you’ll come across another couple of Infected, dispatch of them and continue along the path. A little further along and you come across a Gas Station, getting near the building will launch the Sidequest WaterDance. There is a vehicle in the vicinity (marked by a steering wheel on the map) you can jump in to quickly dispatch of the nearby infected. After that you need to turn off the electricity in the area. The first switch is located in the South Eastern corner of the Gas Station, it’s not guarded and is inside a small building with some tires and boxes. The next one is inside the building in the fenced area on the Southern side of the gas station. The easiest way to get in is to follow the fence to the most Southern edge and jump off a bush over the fence and into the compound. Dispatch of the infected outside and open the door. You’ll find 4 more infected inside looking to be introduced to your weapon of choice, kill them and search the nearby corpse for some cash. There’s also a locked container nearby that requires level 3 lock-picking to open. You’ll notice the generator at the back of the room, once it’s cleared turn it off. There’s also a workbench in here where you can create, upgrade or repair your weapons. Check out our Blueprints and Components Guide.

You can remove the Blockade blocking the door to save you running out the back again. Once your back outside you need to head to the next generator. Head Northeast to the burning tunnel, there’s a good chance the area will have a new horde of infected around so stay sharp and be careful of the ones that come running out the tunnel as the fire can damage you. You’ll notice a raised area above the tunnel, jump towards the ladder and hit the interact button to grab it and climb up. Turn off this last generator to complete the quest. Although it doesn’t list any rewards, turning off the power gives you access to a roof in the middle of the area. Be careful when you climb onto the roof as an infected and level 2 Thug are waiting for you, the Thug’s attacks can knock you back and off the rooftop so be careful. Search the rooftop for a Collectible, there’s also a level 2 locked chest, then you can smash the glass on the rooftop to gain access to the room below. There’s a good amount of cash and items inside so give it a good search.

Quest Name: Out Of Stock
Quest Reward: 300 Experience Points
Quest Difficulty: Easy
Quest Location: Bungalows, largest one in the center. Several infected are attacking the door

Out Of Stock Quest Guide
Once you kill the 3 Infected attacking the door, Stanley Garrison will open up and talk to you. Rather than a survivor in desperate need of assistance, it appears Stanley is a fan of hitting the ol’ bottle and he tasks you the simple job of collecting him a bottle of alcohol. I say simple, it can get complicated if you drink it by mistake. Head North into the cabin, you’ll notice a blue marker on your map indicating the location of the booze. Go into the cabin, watch out for the Infected in the bathroom, collect the bottle and head back to Stanley. I took about 12 bottles for me to complete the quest and he paid me 3 times. The last bottle gave me the 400 exp.

Quest Name: Too much Sugar
Quest Reward: 500 exp and cash
Quest difficulty: Easy

Too much Sugar quest guide: You may of heard a radio call from Bungalow 20 when you got to your first upgrade station. This quest is for that place. If you stay on the beach for a few minutes you will see a sign that points at some stairs and says Golden bungalows. Follow those stairs up and look at your map once up top. You should see a ton of huts kind of close together and across the road you will see a lone one. Go to that one and fight your way inside. There is a dying man and he asks you to bring the medicine to his brother back in room 14.

After that you will have a way point to 14. Follow it and kill all the zombies around and go inside. Open the door and give him the meds for the reward.

Dead Island Chapter 1 Side Quest Walkthrough Video

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