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Dead Island Chapter 2 Side Quest Guide

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side Quest Guide
After getting to the life guard main station you will be in chapter 2 of Dead Island. This of course will open some more side quests and this guide will help you find them all and get them down with no problems. Let’s get on with it.

Once you regain control of your character you can move around the compound and talk to people. Most of the people have quests so check for the ! mark on your mini map and talk to them. A lot of these can be done together so you don’t have to go back and fourth.

The video below is a quick guide to all repeatable quests in Chapter 2

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 1 – Bloody Health Service! – Talk to Doctor Jack and he will ask you to knock in the door so he can help the girl out. Break the door and clear out the zombies. After that re talk to Jack and he will give you the reward and another quest that isn’t for here.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 2 – Lazarus Rising – Talk to Hank who is fixing up a car and he will ask you to find some car parts. This one is simple follow the road up and check all the broken cars with the hoods up and loot them. After you get 4 go back to Hank and he will tell you he is going to fix the car up. It won’t be fixed right away I had to go do a different quest and come back for the truck.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 3 – Life in the Bag – Check your map and you should see a few markers on the road. The first one should be for this quest. You need to get the medic bag out from the back of the truck. They have a couple zombies near it so clear them out and then grab the item from the back. Go back to the doc for your reward.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 4 – Nectar of Life – Before leaving the ambulance head up the steps and you should see the skulls indicating some zombies are attacking survivors. Clear them out and go inside. Inside there are two ladies and both of them have quests. The first one just wants some water. This is repeatable so you can do it as much as you have water. Be sure to grab the Teddie bear one from the other girl as well.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 5 – Ashes to Ashes – Head to the gas station on the map. Use your marker to find the right way. Go into the gas station and talk to the guy near the back door. He will tell you to use the roof to get the power back on. Go outside and use the ladder to get on the roof. Then go to the other roof and fall through a hole. There is a Thug down here a couple more zombies. Clear them out and use the switch to turn the power back on to the pumps. After that head outside to the pumps and clear any zombies around that. Grab a canister to fill up and then go to a pump and fill it up. It does take awhile but once it’s filled put it in the back of a truck and take it back to the station. Once there talk to Mike and the quest will be complete.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 6  – Fiery Drinks – After doing the quest for Mike he will offer you Molotov cocktails for 5 bottles of alcohol. This is repeatable so do it whenever you have enough.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 7 – Toy  story –  This is the quest you get from Annie. She is the girl next to the repeatable water quest turn in. Check your map and back to all the bungalows and the pools we go. In number 15 is the bear. You will have to clear a few zombies but follow the way point and you’ll make it. Grab and it and turn it back into Annie for a reward. Don’t do that quite yet though.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 8 – Hit and Run – Check Below For Video – If you look on the big map and just got the bear, you will see the ! on the map. Make a marker there and head out. Once there you will meet Omar. He will ask you to retrieve a key so he can get the money he is owed. After talking to him you will get a way path. Follow it and you will be at the bathrooms. Down there is the key. It is on a Thug. Take him down and head back to Omar. He will then open the door and ask you to find the safe. Behind a painting of a turtle is the safe so move it. Talk to him and he will give you cash.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 9 – Omar Escort – Check Below For Video – Omar will want to get back to the life guard station. This one is easy just follow Omar and kill any zombies around him. Once you get there talk to him and he will give you a gun.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 10 – Family Matters –  This one is a bit far off but we are going to do it anyways. Check your map and up and to the right you should see the marker. Not only is it a long walk but it is dangerous. I had to fight like 5 thugs on the way there. Once you get there jump the barricade and talk to him. He will tell you what to do then pay you. Leave and go back to his family and turn it in.This is an extremely long walking quest.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 11 – Time For Booze This quest is in the mini quest hub located in the most North Eastern section of the Diamond bungalows. In the same place you find as Kelly’s Husband. Svetlana is the person you need to speak with to start the quest. She asks you to find her a nice bottle of champagne.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 12 – Two Hearts The starting point for this quest is near the Time For Booze quest at the North Eastern most part of the Diamond bungalows. You have to find her sister. Her Sister is the person that gives you the Toy Story Quest way back to the West. The quickest way to get there is to swim as you can avoid any unnecessary aggro from the Infected. Remember to grab any bottles of water you find on the way as you can turn these in at the same time. Speak to her Sister and as long as you’ve turned in the Teddy Bear, she will tell you to return to her Sister and tell her she’ll be fine as the Teddy will take care of her. Appears everyone is going a little crazy but hey, exp is exp, head back to the start point to turn the quest in.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 13 – My Bloody Valentine This quest is located in the same place you find the necklace for the quest “My Precious”. You have to escort the dieing guys wife back to his brother, James, at the lighthouse. This is fairly easy as you can use the truck outside if you wish, makes short work of any infected that get in your way and can get you back to the lighthouse within a couple of minutes.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 13 – Knocking On Heavens Door You get this quest automatically the first time you arrive at the Lighthouse, first thing you need to do is speak with the Lighthouse Guard. You can then go to the top of the lighthouse to speak with James and unlock the rest of the quests at this hub…

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide 14 – Make yourself at home – Check Below For Video – On the route to the second gas station you will come across a large warehouse with a gate and a guy standing outside it. Talk to him and he wants you to get inside and see whats going on. The way I got inside is I took a truck and parked it on the right of the wall and jumped over the wall and used the back door. Inside is a Thug kill it and open the door to complete the quest.

Dead Island Chapter 2 Side quest guide –  Fluid Necessity – Check Below For Video – From the Harlan(the guy you just let in)  you get this quest. He wants some gas. Head down the road to the gas station and the cans will show up on the mini map. You will face some heavy resistance including a few thugs and infected. After you deal with them put the gas in the truck(be sure to grab two) and head back to Harlan for the reward.

Make Yourself At Home Guide and Fluid Necessity Guide

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  1. (Ashes to ashes) – I did all of the aforementioned, but I still can’t get gasoline in a canister. Any certain trick? I put 4 on the truck, i set one in front of a pump…neither worked. need help!

    1. Yeah one thing I can say about the game is its glitchy. I was playing co op with my cousin my game froze he ended up driving over the ocean aabout 100 feet above the water till he hit and invisible wall and blew up. Sorry I don’t think you can do anything about it. That gun isn’t that great and in the city you will find plenty.

  2. there are about 7 bottles of champagne in the hotel when you go get the car in the room where the guard yells watch out there is a mob you can only go in there once but there is several bottles in there for easy 10000 dollars and there are several bottles in the city and there a re spawn in a abandon apartments where you kill the wife and daughter. the fridge in there room will always have a bottle. just walk in and get it than out. and back in. there are two zombies in each room be careful. if its not that apartment its another one from a side quest hope that helps

  3. There is a glitch where u can make another of your weapon. You hold the aim button like your going to throw it as ur holding that down hold down y but not to long because then u drop ur weapon. As ur holding both down throw ur weapon but don’t release y keep holding y down and it will make another weapon. U can make a ton of money doing this.

  4. If you couldn’t pick up the gun it’s probably because your inventory was full.

    Just drop your least loved weapon and you’ll free up a slot to hold the gun. Don’t worry, before too long you’ll have so many guns you won’t know what to do with them!!

    1. here are 2 missions that take you to the plane crash. one from a lady in lighthouse by the resort and one from the overpass camp in the jungle. To reach the plane follow the road west out of the river village. the road goes west then turns north. the plane is located west of the road a little bit after you pass a bunker. you can walk there from river village wont be bothered by the zombies,
      when You see the back end of a pickup truck with a punk next to it. kill the punk and go up the hill. on the other side of the hill is the plane crash. you will need a lot of ammo/ weapons since you have to fight a bunch of punks.
      more info on punks:
      Punks often pack firearms. If you try to get close, they will come blasting. Keep your distance. Use a ranged weapon or throwing weapon to eliminate them. The good thing about taking out punks is they carry quite a bit of ammo and punks are a great source of ammo box drops. If you ever run low on ammo, look for punks to take out.

      Punks can hold their own when it comes to melee fighting. They use kicks and swings in coordination with weapons. They also lunge back and forth while trying to avoid your attacks. Also, they don’t get as tired as quickly as zombies to they might be able to swarm and overrun you.

      a character that has firearms can get through this quest faster than a character with a melee weapon which would be tougher.

  5. Hey I’ve got just two side quest one that’s the plane and the other is to talk 2 tha guy in the light house and he doesn’t say anything iam suck help me out

  6. if any one can help please im stuck on chapter 10 it takes forever to load the dam level then when it starts im stuck in like a blue screen wit some black stripes and yellow blocks and i cant move or see anything

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