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Dead Island City Of Moresby Side Quest Guide (Chapters 3-5)

Dead Island City Of Moresby Side Quest Guide (Chapters 3-5)

After a couple of chapters in Dead Island you will take a large truck to the City of Moresby. This is the next large side quest hub. Inside the church if where you will start.

I want to say this is around chapter 5. I am doing this as I go so bare with me.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 1 – Alcohol for Theresa – Inside the church is a large woman and she is among the quest givers. She wants some booze and needs 5 bottles. give her the 5 bottles and get your reward.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 2 – One foot in the Grave – Speak to Deanna in the Church. she will ask you to retrieve some insulin from a shop nearby. You will have to fight your way there then break the door down. Behind the counter inside a crate is the medicine. Grab it and you can return whenever you see fit.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 3 – One Last Breath – This is in the Warehouse. This is a different hub in the city. It is south east from the church and when you get near it(it is a bit of a walk) a side quest will appear. Do that side quest and you will have access to a warehouse full of new quests. In the back is a girl who needs her inhaler. Head to the marker location and break the door in. Inside behind the counter is the inhaler. Grab it and go.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 4 – Picture of Bliss – Jack is a man looking for a photo of his daughter. He will tell you where it is and you have to get there. Once there go inside and you will have to deal with guys with guns. Seemed like they had at least 5 guys in there so I recommend an explosive or a gun of your own. Kill them take the picture from the counter and you can leave.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 5 – In Cold blood – You will meet a man in the church who will tell you his wife and daughter have turned. He will give you the location and ask you to kill them. go to the marker then open the door to the house. Inside there are things to loot and both of them. Kill them both and you are done.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 6 – Simon Says… – While roaming the streets you will come across a warehouse if you explore south east of the church. You need to clear out all the zombies in front of the door then go in. This will open the new hub.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 7 – Radio Ga Ga – This quest will have you going to shop that is protected by guys with guns. Getting there is also a pain but once there you will have to get out of melee or you will likely die. Head shots work wonders on humans so aim for the head. loot behind the counter after you kill them and be sure to grab both. Then you are done.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 8 – Blood ties – Kwan in the warehouse is worried about his brother and he will send you out after him. Follow the marker and you will have to go inside a house. Once inside kill all the zombies and go in the door Cho is waiting.

After that you will have to escort Cho back to Kwan. It is really to bad he helps out and I didn’t come across many zombies. That said I let him go ahead of me a bit and he died so be sure to stay by him. After a couple minutes you will be back to the warehouse and be done with the quest.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 9 – Last chance on the Wall – Howard in the church will want you to put posters up all over the city. You will have to put up four in all and it is scattered all over the city. Follow each marker and put the posters on the poster board. Each objective is more and more guarded so be ready for some action. Once done you can return for a reward.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 10 – Message to the masses – A guy in the church named Hugo will give this one to you. He will want you to bring a message to a guy hiding in a building. It’s pretty easy to get there but once there you will need to climb some boxes and jump the fence to get inside. Talk to him and complete the quest. After that talk to him again for the next quest.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 11 – The first head of Cerberus – This one has me a tad confused at first because the marker will only lead you to the area of the quest.

Follow the first marker and it will lead you straight to a ladder. Take that ladder up and you will see a wooden plank you can take. Cross that plank and start shooting the gun guys. There had quite a few so clear them out then hit the switch.Head for the next marker.

The marker will lead you to the switch but we need to get on the roof to access it. The building to the left will have a ladder. Take that ladder up and cross the plank to the house. Take the ladder down and activate switch 2. Head back up and towards the next marker which is connected to this house.

Follow the roof of the building and kill a couple zombies while up there. Once you make it to the switch you will have a thug. You can hit the switch and run or grenade him like I did. After that head down to the street. Follow the marker.

The marker will lead you in the direction of the next switch. Keep going and you will see a make shift guard tower. Climb up that tower and look left right when you come up. You will see a roof that you can jump to. Run and jump to it then the switch is right around the corner. Be careful though there is a suicider. Dodge it then hit the switch. After that head back to garret for a reward and the next part.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 12 – The second head of Cerberus – This time we need to do the on the coast area so they can hear about the church. Head to the first marker. You will see a ladder on the building opposite of the marker. Climb up the ladder and on the edge you should see some metal things you can jump on. Follow that path and don’t fall off when you jump or you will die. Take the wooden plank at the end and you will be able to activate the switch. Do so then head down. Head to the next marker.

The next marker will lead you towards the sea. At the house that it leads you to,around back is a ladder. That that ladder up and head left. At the end of the roof you will see the intercom. To get in you have to go around to the door and not fall off. It is pretty easy just go slow.

The next one isn’t actually on a roof. Once at the marker you should see a blocked off area. Follow it until you see two mini crates. Move them then go in that path to hit the switch. Last one ahead.There is a side quest here but we will do it later.

Once you get to the marker you should see it on the stone wall. There is a thug near it so watch yourself. What you need to do is go to the end of the stone wall and use the crate to jump on it. Follow it to the intercom and hit the switch to complete this quest.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 13 – A New broom sweeps clean – Back at the third marker of the head of Cerberus quest is a house. Outside of that house is a bunch of guys. Talk to Nick. He will tell you to find a way in and kill his friend. Head around to the left if you are looking at the house and there is a ladder you can take up. Take that ladder to the roof and go into the house from there. Once inside kill the thug and open the door to complete the quest.

Dead Island City of Moresby side quest guide 14 – Grasp All, Lose All Video Guide

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