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Dead Island Complete Walkthrough

Dead Island Complete Walkthrough
This Dead Island Walkthrough will list all guides for every available Sidequest and a Walkthrough for each quest on the main story, chapter by chapter. We’ve also got a Blueprints and Weapon components guide as well as a collectibles guide.

Dead Island Chapter Walkthrough Guide
Prologue Guide V.1
Prologue Guide V.2
Chapter 1: Welcome to Banoi
Chapter 2: Video Guides

Dead Island SideQuest Guide
Chapter 1 Sidequests Guide and Walkthrough (Includes The Lost Quest Guide, Waterdance Quest Guide, Out Of Stock Quest Guide, The Lost Quest Guide, Too Much Sugar Quest Guide)
Chapter 2 Sidequest Guide (Includes Bloody Health Service Guide, Lazarus Rizing Guide, Life In The Bag Guide, Nectar Of Life Guide, Ashes to Ashes Guide, Fiery Drinks Guide, Toy Story Guide, Hit and Run Guide, Omar Escort Guide, Family Matters Guide)
Dead Island Chapters 3, 4 and 5 Sidequest Guides (Includes Alcohol for Theresa, One foot in the Grave, One Last Breath, Picture of Bliss, In Cold blood, Simon Says…, Radio Ga Ga, Blood ties, Last chance on the Wall, Message to the masses, The first head of Cerberus, The second head of Cerberus, A New broom sweeps clean)
Jungle Side Quest Guide, Includes Boss Fight Guide For Man of Faith

Dead Island Collectibles Guide
Dead Island Blueprints & Weapon Components Guide

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