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Dead Island Prologue: Blood On The Sand Quest Guide

Dead Island Prologue: Blood On The Sand Quest Guide
The second part of our Dead Island Prologue Guide is for the quest, Blood On The Sand. This Blood On The Sand Quest guide offers a step by step walkthrough showing you how to meet each objective and any possible weapon components or collectibles along the way.

You can’t interact with any of the survivors in the room so walk through and try to interact with the door. The guy will tell you that you need to find a weapon, a gun, maybe a baseball bat, anything to smash some infected skulls in with. Sadly the game provides you with an Oar, not exactly a weapon of choice when fighting for survival but hey, here it goes. Kamikaze out of the door to be met with several infected attempting to munch on your buddy Sinamoi, quickly dispatch of the Infected using your weapon to move onto the next part. It helps if you kick the Infected that is restricting Sinamoi as he’ll then help you to fight off the rest of them.

Once you’ve dispatched of all the infected, another cut-scene plays through and you complete the second part of the prologue which marks the end of our Blood On The Sand Quest Guide and begin the Passport to Life Quest.

Quest Rewards:
Difficulty: Easy
2000 Experience Points

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