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Dead Island Prologue: Chaos Overture Quest Guide

Dead Island Prologue: Chaos Overture Quest Guide
So you’ve booted up Dead Island and witnessed probably one of the best game intro’s in zombie history. You awake in your hotel room, slightly worse for wear with nothing but the screams of your fellow guests to keep you company. This Dead Island Chaos Overture Quest Guide will guide you through the prologue, collecting everything along the way and completing any quests you may find.

To start with, head into your bathroom, there’s a medium med-pack sitting on the side near the sink, grab it and head out the front door. Take a left and enter the room with the 2 bodies on the floor, search the 2 cupboards, set of drawers and the suitcase to get some cash and weapon components, then head back down the corridor past your room. As you progress down the hallway you will come across several suitcases stacked up, open all 4 to collect some cash and another weapon component. Search the room at the end of the corridor and you’ll find some more cash and weapon components, be sure not to drop any as these all become useful pretty quickly. After you bust through the door, search the room for a battery and a few other bits, the bathroom is empty. Exit the room and search the briefcase’s on your left and right for a lighter and some more cash. Before leaving through the door to the outside, take the time to search all the briefcases nearby for some more cash and try to open the door on your left to complete the current Chaos Overture Quest objective.

Head outside and witness the “Raining Bodies” cut-scene then search through all the luggage before heading into the elevator shaft. Make sure you check all the bags out here as there is a lot more cash and weapon components than in previous cases. Enter the elevator shaft to go through another cut-scene, no prizes for guessing what happens here. After a narrow escape from the infected, follow the friendly sounding Australian guys advice and head out of the elevator. This bit is basically a mirror of the upstairs section, check all the luggage inside and outside for cash and weapon components and then head through the door near the pile of rotting corpses.

You get a brief few seconds to search the luggage hear before alerting a nearby hoard of nasty critters, run your ass off behind you and down the corridor towards the open door at the end. This completes all the objectives for the Dead Island Chaos Overture Quest Guide and begins the next part of the prologue Rise and Shine.

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