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Dead Island Riptide Guide: Flooded Jungle Side Quest Guide


Dead Island Riptide Guide

The Flooded Jungle in Dead Island Riptide is the first area in the game. Here you will get a lot of side quests and make tons of cash. This side quest guide will help you find them all and complete them with no troubles. Let’s get started!

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Dead Island Riptide Flooded Jungle Side Quest Guide

This is a work in progress, if you know one I missed leave a comment and I will add it.

Electrifying – Quest giver Zoey
After you defend the base from the zombie horde you can find Zoey right at the bridge talking about improving defenses. the quest wants you to retrieve 5 car batteries to make the fences electric.

This first spot you will stop is a camp site, you collect the batteries here. Honestly even though it’s a camp site I only had to deal with about 10 zombies so it wasn’t really to hard. Check inside all the highlighted trailers and you will get your batteries, they are ALL inside trailers.

The cables are in a building in Mataka Village(follow your way point). They way into the house is blocked off for the most part so you will want to go around to the fence, from there jump onto the barrels and onto some crates to be above the fence. Drop off of that ledge and you can get the first cable and break the door into the house, be careful there is a zombie that can one hit kill you if you let him touch you inside. Grab the other cable and you can return for your reward.

Heavenly Gift – Quest Giver Chimamanda
She is found inside the bar at the tree fort base. She will ask you to go loot the wreckage on the beach for anything useful. There are three spots and each spot has something different for you to grab, activate the quest and check your map to find out which area is closest to you.

The first spot I went to was a broken dock that lead out to the ocean. To the right of the dock you can see a few wooden posts coming out of the water, in a crate near the posts you can find the food supplies.

The second one was off the beach in a cluster of rocks in the ocean. The box is in the water pushed up against a rock with the lid off of it, inside you will find some bandages.

The last one is also on some rocks in the ocean next to a bunch of floating barrels. This crate is tipped over off a rock towards the water, there you can get bottled water. Return to Chimanada for your reward.

Field Kitchen – Quest Giver Chimamanda
This is a repeatable quest and you will have to bring her canned goods for exp. Check the video below for an easy method for infinite cash and exp using this quest.

Defeat James “Killer” Nisira – Inside James Nisira’s Bungalow
On your way our of the tree fort, while heading to the 5 batteries, you will come to a fork with a flipped over car. Go up the hill on the right and you will be at a gas station with some guy who needs your help, clear out the zombies and then you can head into the bungalow. Inside the Bungalow you will find the boss at the end of the path, use flares or molotovs and keep your distance to wreck him with no problems.

Rescue Brian – At the gas station
Once you clear the gas station of the zombies, go around and enter the back door to save Brian and get his reward.

Rescue Mugambe – Found in the area Zimakani Rest
Mugambe will be on top of a trailer, clear out the zombies and talk to him to complete the quest.

Fire Sale – Near the Abandoned Bungalow
Get to this point and you will hear Pierre asking for help, clear out all the zombies and then talk to Pierre. Your next task is to get some fuel, take a truck or you will be walking forever. Head to the first way point for it of course doesn’t have any fuel so head for the second. There you can get the fuel and drive back to Pierre. He will go back on his deal and retreat into his house, you will have to get him out. Grab the three pieces of cloth on the platform around the house and plug the three pipes to smoke him out. After he comes out you will bet the quest and he will sell you things at a discount.

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Mines go Boom – Got from Zoey
After you turn in the first quest for Zoey she will let you get this one. You will need to get four pieces of suicider meat and two pieces of electrical scarp. After you get this quest it seems like the Suiciders spawn a bit more frequently so kill them and get the money. The scrap can be found in containers and on dead enemies.

Safe Haven – Quest giver Maggie
This quest is got in Halai. She will ask you to go find her friends that have went to find somewhere else to hide. Select the quest and head to the green way point and climb up to the top of the tree, at the top you can find a note to Maggie on the floor.

Once you arrive at the next camp site check inside the yellow tent for the next letter to Maggie.

At the next way point check on the floor right before the bed to find the next letter.

The next part is in a different area I will update when I get there.

Bring Painkillers – Given by Houston
The quest is got in Halai. Painkillers can be found throughout the game and you can give them to as many times as you want. Check the video below for an easy method for infinite cash and exp using this quest.

Alternative Medicine – Given in Halai by Dr. Hanson
Once you get this quest make it your active one and head to the green area. Once there you will need to find a ladder up to the roof, you can find the ladder on the more north part of the circle. Climb up and head to a door you can break open and break it down, inside on the table you can find the medicine journal.

After you talk to the doc you will have to go to the lonely cave, head there and inside you will find the mushrooms for the next part of the quest. The mushrooms glow a brighter green and there are three in the cave you will need to collect. There is a pretty nice sized horde in here as well so you may want to use your fury for some bonus exp.

Rescue Alfred – North east of Paradise Survival Island
Once you get the boat take it up the river and you will find Alfred screaming for help. Kill all the enemies around the area and talk to him to complete the quest.

Genre: Horror Slasher – Got from Dave in Mataka Village
Found at the entrance of Mataka Village from the water, he will want you to recover his camera and the battery for the camera. Head to the way point and enter the movie set. You will have to go around the cage and disable the electricity before you can enter the camera room, once you do you can collect the camera. After that go out the other door and kill the crew and in the shed you will find the battery, return for a reward.

On the Set: From Dave in Halai (Need to do Genre:Horror Slasher first)
You can find Dave at the ladder that leads up to the rooftops for the quest Alternative Medicine. There is a thug locked in a cage and you have to kill it to beat the quest, set a mine open the cage and watch him blow up for easy exp.

Rescue Stanley – Flooded Mataka village
Once you get the boat ride it into the village and you will find this guy above the water asking for help, kill the walkers and beat his quest.

These next quests can be found mostly along the north riverbed, use a boat and uncover the map to find these locations.

Defeat Jimmy “Deathtrap” O’Neil, Oliver “Deathbone” Wenge and Peter “Undying” W. Spicer
Each of these bosses has a cave or shack named after them in the more north part of the river, around the Yagaria waterfall. I died a couple times to most of these guys so I would recommend some mines and your fury attack so you can bring them down easier. Even if you do die they don’t regen hp that quickly so you can just keep chipping away as need be.

Rescue Luke and Tyler
These are separate quests but they are both up in the north part of the river. You now the drill by now, clear out the zombies and talk to them for a reward.

Stop the Madness
After Marcus burns down the paradise camp you can head to the Mataka Village way point and kill Marcus inside the hut above the water.

Eventually you will get a story mission to go find a downed helicopter. This will lead you up a hill and into a cave, there will be a side cave on the right that leads down, down there you will find Miya. You will now have three points on the map to search for crates.

The left crate can be found right off the water and up the path into the jungle.

The middle crate can be found along the path, behind a bush. Back there you can open the crate and get some explosives and the quest item.

The right crate is in the middle of the river near some trailers that got flooded out. On one of the trailers you can see the box, take the tree root behind the trailer and jump onto the top to access it. Head back to the quest giver and turn it in.

After you turn in the proximity quest this quest will open up. Head to the laboratory and take the path until you see some land mines. I shot a path with my pistol until I could get off the main road and go up on to a fallen tree. Take the path to the shack and claim the quest item from inside the crate. Head back outside and take the vines up and go back to Miya for your reward.

Femme Fatale
This is a repeatable quest. Miya will want you to turn blades into her, these can be bought at stores and found all around the jungle.

That will end the Dead Island Riptide Flooded Jungle Side Quest Guide, check back soon for updates!

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