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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Hidden Costume Guide

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Hidden Costume Guide
This guide will list available locations and tips on obtaining all the Hidden Costumes in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record.

Sports Fan Costume
Sports Fan Apparel: Located somewhere in ‘Kokoutz Sports Town’ on the ground floor in the Palisades Mall (Hanging on a clothing rack)
Sports Fan Head Piece: Located in the through the back door of ‘Hot Excitorama’ hanging on a rack (Clearly visible)
Sports Fan Cleats: Located downstairs in the Royal Flush Plaza in ‘Sportrance’
Sports Fan Face Paint: Located in the Americana Casino on the ledge reached by jumping across all the lights hanging from the ceiling.

Psychopath Costume
Psychopath Boots: In the Arena Security Room accessible after Case 1-3 (Where you escort Rebecca)
Psychopath Mask: In the Chapel on the Silver Strip (Where you fight Randy Tugman)
Psychopath Apparel: Unlocked after defeating the psychopath Carl Schliff from ‘Mail Order Zombrex’?
Psychopath Hair: Watch the Timeshare Movie at the cinema on the Platinum Strip between 12 and 2A.M

Soldier Costume
Soldier Goggles: Purchase from ‘Moe’s Maginations’ (Pawn Shop) for $2,000,000 (Two million dollars)
Soldier Face paint: Located in ‘Shanks’ on the ground floor in the Palisades Mall.
Soldier Apparel: Defeat Sgt. Boykin (Psychopath) during one of the main Case Files. (After the Military arrives)
Soldier Boots: In a box in the vacant store to the right of the ‘Ultimate Playhouse’ in the South Plaza

Ninja Costume
Ninja Hood: Secret area in Royal Plaza, climb phone booth to get to it.
Ninja Mask: Behind the counter in the dance club entrance in Yukatan Casino (Thanks to Guest Hero Sterling for Dance Club location)
Ninja Apparel: Kill 1337 zombies – Thanks to Josh
Ninja Shoes: The Man’s Sport in Uranus Zone

Protoman Costume
Protoman Helmet: You must escort Jack from the side mission ‘Welcome To The Family’ and then beat him in Strip Poker during the side mission ‘Ante Up’ sometime on Day 3?
Protoman Boots: Located in ‘Ultimate Playhouse’ in the Palisades Mall
Protoman Blaster and Shiled: Unlock the ‘S’ ending for 72 Hour Mode.
Protoman Body Armor: Achieve Bronze on thirty challenges in Sandbox Mode. (Or maybe all available challenges)

Other Costumes
Tattered Clothes: Get a survivor intoxicated (Linked to an achievement)Tips: They must consume three alcoholic beverages and for this to work they must have some of there health depleted?
Security Outfit: Enter 10 different Maintenance Rooms
Champion Jacket: In one of the stands in the Arena – Thanks to Guest Hero Todd

Special thanks to Guest Heroes Sterling, JoyStiicks and Mike for their contribution and a big thanks to Guest Hero Cory for his help with the guide.

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