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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record – How To Get Gold In Terror Is Reality

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - How To Get Gold In Terror Is Reality
At the beginning of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, you find yourself in a wrestling ring surrounded by hundreds of the Infected. The object is to get as many points as possible and reach the Gold rank. If you’re looking for a method on how to get gold in Terror Is Reality, look no further!

At the start of the fight scene, the ring is closed off and you get a few Infected at a time. Use strong attacks to dispatch of the first few, once the corner posts move to release more Infected, you can access to some weapons such as a Baseball Bat, Foam Finger and Steel Chair. Use the Strong Attack on grouped Infected to dispatch them quickly, you need to kill all the

Infected available at the corner posts until the posts show the Green Arrows.
Once the corner posts show green Arrows, you can climb up using Space which will activate the Corner Grinders, these give great points if you can get Several Infected follow you into it, be careful though as after a couple of seconds, a burst of fire covers the platform and can do a bit of damage, to avoid this jump off the platform into the crowd, land as close to the edge of the ring as possible. Quickly run around each edge of the ring (on the inside), getting the attention of as many Infected as possible, and then climb 2 more corner posts, having activated 3 in total. Run around the ring again, filling it with as many as you can. Don’t activate the fourth corner until you have 20 seconds left. Use the Chair (Make sure you save these as they work best) and then beat as many Infected into the Corner Grinders as possible shouldn’t have a problem getting the Gold Medal in Terror Is Reality. Check the Video below for more information on activating all four corner posts.

You get a nice 5,000 PP reward and plenty of cash. I earned about $39,000 earning the Gold Medal in Terror Is reality.

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