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Dead Rising 2: Zombie Genocide

Dead Rising 2: Zombie Genocide Guide
Dead Rising 2:Zombie Genocide, probably two of the most suited words in the English Dictionary, requires killing 72,000 Zombies in Dead Rising 2 to obtain the Genocide Master Trophy. This doesn’t sound difficult in a game full to the brim with Zombies but you have to kill all 72,000 in one play through, it’s a brain tenderizing challenge to say the least.

The first task of the day, collect enough cash to fund your vicious escapade. This can be done one of two ways, you either farm Terror Is Reality for a while or gather all the Gambling Magazines and get rich off the Ranch Casino Slot Machines. Both these methods are a little tedious and time consuming but they’re the quickest way of gathering money that I’ve discovered. Whichever option you choose, you need to gather $2,000,000, no problem in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse?…

Now you’ve got your hard earned money in hand, it’s time to chase down that elusive Genocide Master Trophy.The quickest way of achieving this Mass Genocide of the undead is to roll up your Hummer and get as many of them in your front grill as possible. Before setting off on your Vehicular Genocide excursion, you need to head on over to the Barbeque Shack to collect the Driving Magazine, this will increase the lifespan of the Hummer and allow you to complete the Genocide Master Trophy challenge without having to go back and do anything else.

Once you have the Driving Magazine you need to collect the Hummer from the Shamrock Casino on The Silver Strip. Make 4-5 laps of the Strip and you’ll find the Zombies start to thin out, save your game and then reload it. This will respawn all the Zombies and your Hummer will be back at maximum health.

Even using this method, you can cut it pretty close. If you have to stop for whatever reason, save the game and start it back up when you return. We only had 20 minutes spare at the end, it would be a pain to do all that and not get the Genocide Master Trophy.

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