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Dead Space 3 Guide: Circuit Location Guide

Dead Space 3 guide

In order to maximize your weapons in Dead Space 3 you will need to use circuits found throughout the game. they have different effects and some of them have multiple effects or special effects. This guide will help you locate all of them as you go through the game! Let’s get started.

Dead Space 3 Circuit Locations


You don’t start getting these until chapter 3. This is being done as we go, so if you know one we miss just leave a comment and we will add it and give you credit.

Chapter 3 Circuits

Circuit 1:
Once you get to the room with the first work bench you can find the first circuit. Check the cabinet to the right of the door you entered the room with.

Circuit 2:
After you exit the classroom you will be in a long dark hallway, at the end of the hallway is the next circuit.

Chapter 4 Circuits

Circuit 1:
After you go back through the class room the way point will want you to go through the door labeled repair bay. Instead take a right and go into the crew’s quarters and get the circuit from the cabinet on the wall.

Circuit 2:
After you unlock the room on the Greely with the Tungsten bar you can get this circuit in the cabinet on the wall. You can get the Tungsten from the door that was locked with a key card.

Chapter 5 Circuit Locations

Circuit 1:
Once you get into the cockpit of the ship head up the stairs on the right side. Up top you will see the cabinet with the circuit inside.

Circuit 2:
Once you reach the room with the giant necromorphs who explode if you don’t take out their leg, check the top right corner for a cabinet with a circuit in it.

Circuit 3:
After you take the train to Mid station you will eventually run into a part where gravity panels stop you from getting any further. Take the ladder near there down and head into the next room to find a tungsten key door. Open that door and inside is the circuit.

Chapter 6 Circuit Locations

Circuit 1:
Once you arrive in the refueling room look near the exit for a cabinet. Grab the upgrade before you leave the area.

Circuit 2:
Once the shuttle starts the lift off sequence you will have to avoid the fire from the engine a couple times then drop down a ladder. Down the ladder you can get the next circuit.

Chapter 8 Circuit Locations

Circuit 1:
While searching the wreckage the ground will give out from underneath you and the entire ship will almost fall on top of you. After you regain control of Issac look to the left to see the circuit.

Circuit 2:
After leaving the room where you hear Ellie over the radio and keep going until you hit the elevator. Use the elevator and once at the bottom go into the broken ship hull and to the right you will see the circuit.

As stated above this is being done as we go so check back soon for more updates!

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