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Death End RE;Quest Help Or Abandon The NPC

Death End RE;Quest Help Or Abandon The NPC
Death End RE;Quest has a number of choices that test your morality and decision making. This Death End RE;Quest Help Or Abandon The NPC will help you make the decision during a place cut-scene where you are given the choice to either help or abandon guards that are seemingly being devoured by the curse.

Be aware, this guide does contain very minor spoilers. When you reach a certain room located within the Palace, Lily and Shina encounter some Palace Guards, though seemingly they are not themselves. It turns out they are being devoured by the Curse, leaving Shina with a choice to save them or let them be.

Death End RE;Quest Help Or Abandon The NPC

This is actually a very simple decision to make. Not because you should obviously try and help the guards, but because of the outcomes.

Choose Help The NPC
Shina becomes engulfed by her own curse and dies. Game over. Yes, really.

Choose Abandon The NPC
Seeing as the other choice immediately ends your game and forces you to load a previous save, this is the choice you want to go for.

That wraps up our Death End RE;Quest Help Or Abandon The NPC. Any questions? Post a comment below.

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