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Death End re;Quest Queen Bug Summoning Guide

Death End re;Quest Queen Bug Summoning Guide
Summoning powerful Queen Bugs is a very useful combat feature in Death End re: Quest. This Death End re;Quest Queen Bug Summoning Guide will answer all your summoning related questions including how to summon, how to unlock more queen bugs to summon and more.

Queen Bugs are a combat feature in Death End re:Quest but it is not available immediately at the start of the game. Before you are able to summon any Queen Bugs, you need to progress through the main story. Once you have completed the palace, you will encounter your first Queen Bug and from that point on, you can summon them in battle.

How To Summon Entoma Queen Bugs

In order to summon Queen Bugs in Death End re;Quest, you need to clear most of the combat area of Field Bugs. Field Bugs are the small circles of light dotted around the floor. The red ones deal damage to anything that picks them up, the blue ones restore SP. You need to clear the field of enough Field Bugs to reduce the Corruption to 50%, displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once you have reduced the Field Bugs down to the 50% mark, hit the touchpad to open the Battle Jack menu. From here you can select Code Jack, Install Genre and Summon. Select Summon and then choose your Entoma Queen Bug. This will Summon the bug. Each attack from the Queen Bug further increases Field Bugs in the area, if it reaches a certain percentage, the Queen Bug will return and you will have to summon it again.

How To Unlock Queen Bugs

To unlock a Queen Bug that you can summon into combat, you need to defeat the Queen Bug in battle first. Once you have defeated a Queen Bug and collected its essence, it becomes available for selection whenever you use the summoning menu. Below is a list of the Queen Bugs we’ve unlocked so far, where to unlock them and the benefits they add to combat.

Queen Bug NameHow To UnlockEffect
SkalaComplete PalaceIncreased Knockback & Damage
MugaComplete ShipyardMovement Speed Increase
EphemeraComplete RuinsMax SP Increases By 30%
ScorpiaComplete ForestEnemies Weight Is Halved

We are updating our Death End re;Quest Queen Bug Summoning Guide as we progress through the game. Check back soon for updates!

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