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Death End RE;Quest Side Quest Guide

Death End RE;Quest Skill Side Quest Guide
Death End RE;Quest features a large number of different types of Side Quests you can complete for rewards. This Death End RE;Quest Side Quest Guide explains the different types of Side Quests you will encounter on your journey, how to unlock each side quest and how to turn them in for your rewards.

After Lily joins your party and you return to the castle you can unlock Side Quests. Head towards any camp inside a dungeon, marked by a tent icon on your map, and you can interact with the tent to setup camp. There’s always a small bell nearby, which you can ring to summon X. Inside the Shop Menu, you can unlock Side Quests.

They are automatically accepted as you navigate to each tab. Every time you open the Shop Menu, be sure to press R1 or L1 to navigate through the different Side Quest Menu’s to unlock each type of Side Quest.

Death End RE;Quest Side Quest Guide

There are three different types of Side Quests in Dead End RE;Quest. The first section of Side Quests are called Subjugation Quests. These quests target specific enemies. You must kill X number of these enemies in order to complete the Side Quest.

Next up, Harvesting Quests. As the name suggests, these are quests that require you to collect a number of ingredients. These are found either inside chests or harvesting nodes scattered throughout dungeons. Chests do not respawn, however, if you leave an area and return, the materials you can harvest do respawn.

Finally, Special Quests. These are more unique quests that offer varying objectives for much greater rewards. Whenever you have completed a quest, you must return to the Shop Menu to hand in the quest and get the rewards.

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