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How To Defeat Any Fortress In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

How To Defeat Any Fortress In Middle-Earth Shadow Of War
Easily the most exciting addition to Middle-Earth: Shadow of War is the ability to defeat and own Fortresses. This guide will tell you How To Defeat Any Fortress In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War so you can even the odds against Sauron’s best and turn the tides of war in your favor.

There are multiple Fortress battles you can do in the single player campaign of Shadow of War. Each more challenging than the last. While the challenges and exact method of victory are unique to each Fortress, there are a certain few things you can do to ensure the battle is going to result with you as the victor. Check out some information below so you can learn How To Defeat Any Fortress In Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War.

How To Defeat Any Fortress In Middle-Earth Shadow Of War

Once you reach Act II you unlock the ability to recruit Followers and build an army. Once you’ve built up your initial forces you will be tasked with taking down the first Fortress in the game. Every Fortress is unique in terms of layout and design, and each of the enemies are generated based on your individual playthrough. However, certain techniques have the same positive effects regardless.

Step one is to gather Intel. You do this by hunting enemies marked with the green intel icon on the map. When you hunt an enemy with intel you get to choose what you reveal. Firstly, highlight the Warchiefs. These are the enemies standing atop the outer walls of the Fortress. You will see lines connecting those to Captain’s down below. Your first task is to use Intel to reveal the Captains so you can take them down quickly and easily. Once you have identified all the Captain’s, identify the Warchiefs.

Kill Every Warchief
Every Warchief represents a buff to the Fortress. This can come in many shapes and sizes. From increase walls to burning pots of oil atop the castle gates. They are all very powerful bonuses so be sure to take down every Warchief to ensure the battle is as easy as possible. Once all the Warchiefs are down you’re nearly ready to launch a full scale assault.

Infiltrate The Warchiefs
When you have killed the Warchiefs send your Follower to infiltrate the castle by clicking on the dead bodies of the Warchiefs on the Army screen. As the enemy is already dead, it’s a guaranteed success. This allows them to infiltrate the Fortress, adding further troops to your forces.

While you usually use your strongest equipment when exploring, Fortress fights are a little different. Some items give a huge bonus to ally abilities, such as 50% increase in elemental damage. These buffs can make a losing battle a guaranteed win so be sure to use your equipment to its maximum effectiveness. To find some of the best gear check out our Shadow of War Legendary gear guide.

Exploit Enemy Weakness
When you choose your Followers for the battle, just don’t pick your highest level Followers (if you need help leveling check out our Shadow of War Follower leveling guide). First, inspect your enemy. See what abilities and traits they have. Don’t go in with a full squad of Follower’s with fire weapons if the enemy are not weak to fire. Similarly, don’t go in to a battle full of enemies using poison with Followers that flee when poisoned.

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