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How To Defeat Morgan Freeman South Park The Fractured But Whole

How To Defeat Morgan Freeman South Park The Fractured But Whole
Morgan Freeman is a hidden boss battle. This guide will give you tips on How To Defeat Morgan Freeman South Park The Fractured But Whole so you can take down the legendary figure, freckles and awesome voice over to boot.

You are able to fight Morgan Freeman throughout the story but it’s not advised until you’ve completed the main story and are well equipped. To fight him simply go behind the counter at Freeman’s Taco’s and punch him in the back 3 times. Once you do, after several warnings, he will fight you. It’s probably the most difficult fight in the game so make sure you are well stocked up on all types of healing items.

Although there are many different ways of winning this fight, I’m going based off what I used to win. Below are the requirements I would advise you meet before fighting Morgan Freeman


  • Might 800+
  • Strong Knockback & Critical Strike Bonus Artifacts
  • TimeFart Summon (Vital. Check out our Summoning guide for details)
  • All Classes Unlocked
  • Summon Materials


How To Defeat Morgan Freeman South Park The Fractured But Whole Artifacts


Mosquito – Is able to attack from above or below Morgan Freeman and apply Grose. Can also self heal
Toolshed – Can do damage from the corner of the battlefield out of the AoE range. Powerful ultimate
Mysterion – Can die twice before dying. Great knockback attacks, secondary ultimate ability heals

The New Kid

The New Kid
Purifying Petals – Heal and attack up. Also cures Confusion
Hydro Helper – Heals and attack up. Also cures Confusion
Root Burst – Good damage, knockback and applies Bleed
Airborne Annihilator – Great damage. Can be switched out for something else


Two elements of attack are vital during this battle. Interrupting Morgan Freeman and positioning. The image at the top of the article shows the best way to place your heroes. A couple either side and one or two down below. This minimizes the damage he can do with his AoE fart attack. At the start of the battle Morgan Freeman will use his fart attack on your entire team. This is when to use TimeFart Summon. It not only cancels his turn, it also summons a Backstory You – basically another version of you but in pajamas.

Use the first turn to apply status effects and position your team. You want Bleed and Grose on Morgan Freeman the entire battle. Use Mysterion as your knockback target and keep him close, attacks on him aren’t as damaging to your chances. After a couple of rounds Morgan Freeman will also use TimeFart Summon. This is when you want to use your ultimate ability and Summons. While Morgan Freeman is immune to Chilled, his Backstory version is not. Keep him chilled with Mysterions attack, assuming he’s dead at this point.

After taking down the Backstory Morgan Freeman he begins another round of attacks. This time he is able to Charm your heroes. The best way to complete this phase is to keep a heal ready at all times, and then use the heal to remove Confusion and apply Attack Up.

Keep the Bleed and Grose going at all times, ensure you hit all your critical strikes, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble defeating Morgan Freeman.

Alternate Method

  • Human Kite
  • Super Craig
  • Call Girl
  • The Protagonist

I did this at below 400 might and by enrage, and shield blocking, some res items were used. Keep enraging Morgan with Craig, and keep his health and armor up so the rest can freely attack. The Human Kite can buff Craig’s armor. You can also use Call Girl to enrage instead of or with Craig as well Mini Morgan can be frozen. It’s best to take the Elementalist class.

Huge thanks to Hrenak Lisa for a much easier and more effective alternative method.

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