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How To Defeat Sobek In Assassins Creed Origins

How To Defeat Sobek In Assassins Creed Origins
Need help with Trial of Sobek? This How To Defeat Sobek In Assassins Creed Origins guide will tell you some tips and tricks to take down the legendary Sobek so you can claim the rewards from another fallen god. The Trial of Sobek can be found in the North East area of the map, a short walk South West of the Yw Huts.

As with Anubis and Sekhmet, the main point of damage for Sobek is the large light orb on its chest. Every opportunity you get, hit it with arrows.

The first stage of Sobek is incredibly simple. He has two different attacks. A wave that sweeps across the ground in a single straight line, and a large area of effect ability that creates several large red circles on the floor. Simply avoid the red areas during these abilities and you’ll get through the first stage without taking any damage.

The next phase features the same two abilities except this time, the large-scale AoE ability casts twice in a row and the locations move. During this part of his attack, focus on dodging rather than dealing damage. A new ability also enters the fray. Sobek will raise his right arm, calling in a hail of arrows. It’s simple to avoid, bring up your shield and keep up your block until the arrows stop. Clear the waves of enemies in between each phase and you’ll have another God down in no time.

You get an Ability Point and a Tomb Protector Shield for taking him down.

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