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Defend The Lodge Or Go To The Eye In Starfield

One of the main choices in Starfield has you picking between The Lodge or The Eye. Check out this guide to find out if you should Defend The Lodge Or Go To The Eye In Starfield. This way you know the other options in case you pick wrong.

Update: Note that the characters named below change depending on your relationship with them. Whoever you are closest too will take the place of Sarah and Barret

Defend The Lodge Or Go To The Eye In Starfield

Defending The Lodge

If you choose to defend The Lodge, The Hunters show up and attack you. From there, you and Constellation escape and go to the eye anyways. However by doing this, Sarah dies at the eye before you can arrive. There is also a couple minor story changes, but nothing major.

Go To The Eye
If you go out the front of The Lodge then you go to The Eye. The people inside lock the door behind you and Sarah will survive this time. However Barret is the one who dies now, meaning no matter what someone dies. You get a little bit of a choice, but not much.

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