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Demon’s Souls Farm Guide

Demon's Souls Farm Guide


For those of us who dared to take the trip into Boletaria knew we’d be greeted by some tough enemies, but I doubt any of us thought it would be this rough. I’m here to help you out with the Demon’s Souls farm guide because Demon’s Souls is very unforgiving. So take a trip with me throughout Boletaria and see where the hot spots are for farming souls.

First off understand that in this Demon’s Souls farm guide most of the time you will have to be a higher level to follow it. Also be sure to bring the gear that increases the soul drop rate on enemies(Ring of Avarice, Silver Bracelet if you’re a female.)

4-2 Adjudicator Archstone(Farming reapers)

We’ll start off easy with something anyone can do as long as they have made it here and have a bow. If you have just got here then you’re not strong enough to kill the Reapers in one or two hits but that is okay. After you pass the graveyard guy selling arrows and herbs you will see your first Reaper. Stay on the ledge above and shoot arrows down at him until he dies or gets out of view. If he goes out of view backtrack a few steps to the graveyard guy and wait a few moments for him to reset. Go back in an light him up until hes dead, when the reaper dies all the phantoms will disappear as well and you will net around 5k souls without anything boosting your soul earning.


Demons Souls Lots of Baddies


4-4 Old Hero Archtone

After you defeat the Stormking in Demon’s Souls this area will be unlocked and you can go back and kill the Stormbeasts which yield quite a bite of souls. Bring the Stormruler sword which you should of got after beating the Stormking and head out towards to the Stormbeasts. Cast Soul Thirst if you have it too boost the souls they drop and use the sword with both hands and hit r3. If you don’t lock onto the Stormbeasts the Stormruler will have a hard time hitting them. Unleash your attack and with some practice you should be able to kill  3-8  in one swing. Clean up the zone use the Archstone to warp back to the Nexus and warp back in and repeat. Its very easy once you get the hang of it.

1-4 Penetrator Archstone

Those of you who have made your way to the Penetrator know that it is one of the more difficult fights to get to. Tons and tons of red and blue eyes knights stand in your way and its pretty challenging. So what you do here is warp in to the Penetrator Archtone and turn around and go back out the way you entered. Remember those three red eyed knights you had to get past? Yeah well this time it will be a little more fair because you can take them one at a time. Shoot one with an arrow and he will rush you by himself and you can duke it out one on one. They only give around 2k souls but that is not bad for how little work is involved.

3-4 Old Monk Archstone

Warp into the Old Monk Archstone and head back down the windy steps and kill the Mind Flayer. You can just sneak up on him and hope you one hit him or you can use Soulsucker which will one hit him and he will drop some old spice or fresh spice so you can regenerate your mana for the next one. I really thing that the Mind Flayer is the worst enemy in Demon’s souls. Keep heading down and kill the two bugs that get in your way and make your way to the second Mind Flayer. Kill him grab his loot and head back to the Nexus however you see fit. This can be really quick once you get it down taking only about a minute so its a good one to use if you can.

Alright I hope that helps your in the world of Boletaria. The fight through Demon’s Souls is a tough one but if you make it you’ll be among the few that have. Enjoy and happy hunting.

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