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Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guide – Titan

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guide - Titan
Lost Sectors offer a challenging fight and plenty of good lot. This Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guide – Titan focuses on the Lost Sectors scattered across the Titan level. Be sure to use our guide to find the Lost Sectors, get inside the entrances and clear out the enemies.

As with the Lost Sectors on Earth, you need to find the entrance using the symbol. Head inside, clear out the enemies and defeat the main boss to obtain the key code you need to open the cache and grab your loot. Once you’ve cleared the area and got the loot, there’s usually a quick way to leave so there’s no real reason to avoid this little corners of the Destiny 2 world.

Compared to Earth, Titan is a very small map. There are only three different Lost Sectors. We’ll be starting from Siren’s Watch and then heading over to The Rig. Check below for information on all of the Lost Sectors that can be found on Titan.

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guide – Titan – Sirens Watch

Titan Lost Sector 1 - Methane Flush

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors Guide – Titan – The Rig

Titan Lost Sector 2 - Cargo Bay 3
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