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Destiny The Dark Below – Finding The Urn Of Sacrifice

Destiny The Dark Below - Finding The Urn Of Sacrifice

One of the new story missions in The Dark Below has you looking for Xur so you can buy The Urn Of Sacrifice. You know Xur right? The guy who only appears for the weekend and disappears for a week? Well here we are Tuesday with the mission to complete and no Xur to be found.

Finding The Urn Of Sacrifice

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Well without Xur you can’t actually complete this quest so you will have to wait until the weekend. When he does appear we will update this guide and tell you where to find him in the Tower and how much the Urn costs. Be sure to check back then for the update! You’d figure the guys who made this game were more than likely aware he wouldn’t be there until the weekend so why add the mission? So you will log more hours after you beat The Dark Below of course!

UPDATE – Xur can be found next to the Crucible Quartermaster down the stairs. You can buy the Urn for one strange coin. After that turn it into Eris Morn to get the next part of the quest. You will need to kill 25 Thrall with Solar damage from a fusion rifle and collect what they drop. If you die the counter will reset.

Still there is some good news because you don’t need to beat this mission to progress with the DLC. Grab the mission The Extermination from Eris as well and beat that one. All you have to do is kill Wizards and Knights throughout the game world to complete this mission. I just do The Summoning Pits strike mission on the moon and got more than enough after two play throughs. You could probably do it in one but my team decided to kill the boss really quickly before any of the additional units could spawn at the end.

If the do update it and add Xur before the weekend hits we will be sure to add that as well! Either way check back soon and hope they decide to put Xur in a bit earlier than normal.

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  1. Buy it now, it’s available for one rare coin although nothing happens…
    You are supposed to use to collect hive souls (if I remember rightly) it makes no mention of reward though…..?

    But at least you have it… whammy… ermm where my urn

  2. Ok then you have to SINGLE kill 25 Thralls (best place is Sky Palace? Sky summit anyway) and if you die, it is reset to Zero
    Once that is done you have to kill 5 more Thralls with Melee attack, not done that yet…
    Watch this space…

    1. You probably already finished but the Summoning Pits strike you can do both the quests for thralls and knights/majors. No word on what comes next after the thralls yet

  3. I should say that the 25 Single Kills has to be done with Fusion rifle which as they hunting packs is harder than it sounds but not that hard really.

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