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Destiny – Eris Morn Bounty Missions Guide

Destiny - Eris Bounty Missions Guide

A new NPC comes in The Dark Below expansion and she brings new bounty missions to the Tower. Eris Morn has her own reputation, shaders, emblems and class gear. If you want to access her gear you will have to complete her bounty missions.

Eris Morn Bounties

You can find Eris near the Tower North entrance. Her missions are updated daily so check back soon for more updates. If you know any quick ways to get reputation besides the strikes be sure to let us know so we can add it!

Let’s Dance – To complete this bounty you need to kill 7 enemies rapidly with melee attacks. I’m not sure how quickly it needs to be but if you can find a group of low level Thralls you can do it quickly. To make sure you complete be sure to have you perks set to the strongest melee you can have, or one that increases your speed.

Boneshaker – This is a Titan specific one and you have to kill 7 hive with on Fist of Havoc. I’m not sure how difficult this one is but if you are doing the story missions you will be swarmed over and over and shouldn’t have much trouble getting 7 eventually. If you have a better way of doing it please leave a comment.

The Cleansing – You need to kill any 10 Major or Ultras during a Nightfall missions to complete this bounty. I’m not that far yet but I will update when I get to a Nightfall mission.

I had another one but I completed it before I started writing this up. I think I had to kill a certain amount of Hive without dying.

The Will Of Crota – After beating the Story Strike mission I was able to get this bounty mission. All you have to do is beat the The Will Of Crota Strike Mission and complete this bounty.

One Of Us – You will need to kill 10 Hive Major or Ultras with any of Eris’ class items equipped to complete this mission. I used the one I got at the end of the story to complete it. You can tell it’s an Eris item by the I in the corner.

Chase The Dark – This is a Warlock specific challenge. You will need to use the Axion Bolt Grenade and kill 25 enemies with it. It will take a little while due to the grenade cooldown.

Deadshot Collector – You need to kill 50 Hive with precision damage while you have a Black Wax Idol on. I would use a burst or scout rifle to complete this mission.

Siege Of The Warmind – You have to defend Rasputin in the Siege Of The Warmind mission on Heroic to complete this bounty. Bring some buddies and set the mission to Heroic to do this one.

Hard Fall – You need to kill any 4 Hive quickly with a heavy weapon for this mission. I just found 4 Hive and used a rocket on them all to beat this one.

Bonebreaker – You need to be a Titan to complete this bounty. I’m not sure how many Wizards you need to kill but you will need to use Shoulder Charge a few times on them. I’d look for low level Wizards to get this done quickly.

I know there are more but at the moment that’s all I can collect. If you know any more please leave a comment and we will add it to the list!

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