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Destiny Guide: Earth Golden Chest Locations

Destiny Guide: Earth Golden Chest Locations

The Golden Chests in Destiny are hidden loot chests scattered on the planets. These chests can only be collected once and when you get all of them per planet you get a bonus reward. This guide will help you find all of the Golden Chest locations on earth. Check it out.

Earth Golden Chests

If you missed them during the missions you can find them in explore mode or re do the mission.

Earth Golden Chest 1: During the mission Restoration you will re enter the old cosmodrome to get a warp drive for your ship. On your way in you will see a golden chest on a desk before you fight the boss. It will be in a small room on the way to the warp drive, very hard to miss.

Earth Golden Chest 2: At the end of The Dark Within mission you will face off with a wizard and his minions. From where he starts you can see roof to the left that you can jump up onto with a double jump. Up there you will find the second Golden Chest and a heavy weapon.

Earth Golden Chest 3: One your way to the Forgotten Shore you will go through a small canyon with a cave in it. Stay on the road and you will be able to see the cave opening up some rocks. There is also a little water dripping right over the entrance. The cave is right before you get to the shore.

Earth Golden Chest 4: Once you get to the Forgotten Shore you can enter the water near a broken bridge. If you go to far out it will send you back to the shore. On the left side there are bunch of rocks against the wall that you will want to follow. Once you are under the downed bridge use your double jump to climb over the large rocks in front of you. On the other side is a small rock path that leads to a Golden Chest.

Earth Golden Chest 5: The easiest way to get the last Golden chest is by doing The Devil’s Lair strike mission. At the end of the mission during the battle with the giant floating eye you can find the chest under the platform you are on. Just drop down and you should see the green glow near some steps.

After you get all 5 chests you will unlock a golden Sparrow. Check back soon for more Destiny guides!

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