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Destiny Item And Material List

Destiny Item And Material List

In Destiny you will get items and materials that you can use for various things in game. Some come from dismantling armor while others can be found in the open world or during missions. Check out the full Destiny item and material list here!

Upgrade Materials

Materials are used to upgrade your weapons and armor. You can get most of them by dismantling equipment you don’t need anymore. End game currency also goes in these slots.

Spinmetal – Spinmetal can be found on earth by patrolling the cosmodrome. In the world they are silver plants coming out of toxic barrels. You can also find them in chests. Used to upgrade certain weapons and armor.

Helium Filaments – Found on the Moon. In the world they are a bunch of glowing orange tubes. Used to upgrade certain armor and weapons.

Spirit Bloom – Found on Venus. Looks like a glowing green flower in the world. Used to upgrade certain weapons and armor.

Relic Iron – Found on Mars. Looks like a worn down pillar and out of place. Used to upgrade certain weapons and armor.

Ascendant Shard – Rare upgrade material that upgrades epic armor. Can be found in rare class engrams or rewarded for events.

Ascendant Energy – The other one upgrades armor so my guess is this one upgrades epic weapons. Also given as event rewards or found by decrypting rare class engrams.

Weapon Materials – Of course used to upgrade weapons. You get these from dismantling weapons.

Sapphire Wire – Hunter armor upgrade material. Break down hunter armor to get these materials.

Hadronic Essence – Warlock armor upgrade material. Break down warlock armor to get these upgrade materials.

Plasteel Plating – Titan armor upgrade material. Break down titan armor to get this materials.

Item List

To use an item go to your inventory and press the use button.

Ether Seeds – Can be used to increase glimmer gained from Fallen enemies for 10 minutes. You find these on Earth from chests or off enemy mobs.

Black Wax Idol – When used increases glimmer gained by killing Hive enemies for 10 minutes. Found in chests on the Moon or as a random drop on the Moon.

Blue Polyphage – Using this will increase glimmer earned by killing Vex enemies for 10 minutes. Found on Venus in chests or as random enemy loot drops.

Resupply Cides – Use to gain more glimmer when you kill Kabal enemies. Found on Mars in chests or from enemies as loot.

Ammo Synthesis – If you go to the weapon vendor on the Tower you can buy all types of ammo synthesis. With these you can refill your ammo from your inventory instead of running through the fire fight to pick some up. Not really needed until late game.

Weapon Telemetry – A weapon telemetry provides an EXP buff certain weapons. Xur sells them for one Strange Coin each and switches them every weekend. The buff only lasts 30 minutes and only works on whatever type of weapon the telemetry says(Auto Rifle Telemetry only works for Auto rifles and so on.)

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