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Destiny Raid Guide: Getting Into The Vault Of Glass

Destiny Raid Guide: Getting Into The Vault Of Glass

The Destiny raid is an extremely difficult instance that require you to have 6 people in order to complete. The first part of the raid is getting into The Vault Of Glass. Use this guide to help you get into The Vault Of Glass!

Fighting Into The Vault Of Glass

First off if you are not at least level 25 do not try this raid it is VERY difficult. You need to hold the three bronze circles for around 5 minutes consistently without Praetorians going onto the platforms. There will be a white see through tower that starts to form the longer you hold the areas. It drops extremely fast if any Praetorian steps into the circle and turns it red. Bring something with Void damage because the Praetorians have Void shields which are weak to Void damage. Be sure to bring extra ammo because the fights are long.

This isn’t a darkness area so you can respawn if you die but it has a 5 second delay on resurrection timers. You will need 4 bruiser types to hold the left and right circles and 2 ranged guys to support from the middle top circle. Everyone should be using shotguns or fusion rifles as their specials for when a Praetorian gets close. The guys up in the middle should be using something with at least medium tier range like pulse rifle or scout rifle. The guys on left and right can use whatever they want for their normal guns but I had the most success with a pulse rifle. Rockets are very useful for breaking down shields and taking out the multiple adds quickly.

Before you start you need to figure out whose going to go where during the fight. The guys up in the center area will have to move around a lot more then the guys on the left and right. If you have two titans they should be on both sides but if not put someone who is willing to focus armor and recovery there. The top guys should be focused on speed in case they need to run to any side to assist. If the Praetorians get the circle to red the light tower will basically reset.

Once you in position they enemies can spawn from only 4 spots. They key to winning this is busting the enemies up before they can get too far out of the spawn. Here are the spawn points.

Desinty Vault Of Glass Spawn Point 1

Destiny Vault Of Glass Spawn Point 4

Destiny Vault Of Glass Spawn Point 3

Destiny Vault Of Glass Spawn Point 2

Communication is also very important because the guys in the middle need to know if something got through the need to worry about. The guys in the middle should be standing at this point so they can have an overlook two spawn points and can see where the enemies will be traveling. The top guys need to call out if they see something spawning in case the guys on the right or left missed it.

Destiny Vault Of Glass Overlook

From here you can see two of the spawn points and the route the enemies will be traveling to the circles. The guy on the left helps out the left and the guy on the right helps out the right. Even if you focus the spawn points close to the middle the mobs still might go for the middle marker. When this happens you need to tell your teammates right away so they can take them out before they get into the circle. As far as I could tell only the Praetorians could change the circle to red so they should be your focus.

Warlocks should really consider using the Voidwalker class for this part because of the Void damage. My group had 5 Warlocks and 1 Hunter and we beat it after we figured out nothing spawns directly on the top circle. If a Praetorian gets into the circle it will turn red even if you have a player inside. If you get in their face with a shotgun or melee they will focus you instead of moving towards the circles. This normally ends in your death but sometimes that is better than letting them get the circle. If you can take the Praetorian’s head off they will really rage at you if you are close to them.

If you can keep the Praetorians off the circles you will win. As for the Goblins and Hob Goblins be sure to focus on the crystals in their stomachs because that’s the weak point. Rockets, grenades and specials can really help you clear out a whole wave if you are on the verge of being overran. This may take you about an hour but once you get a good rhythm going with your team it will all come together.

After the tower finally fills up you can enter The Vault Of Glass. Be ready to rage super hard because the next boss is ridiculously tough.

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