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Destiny The Taken King Guide: Shattered Past Guide – Find All Calcified Fragments

Destiny The Taken King Guide: Shattered Past Guide
As you explore the Dreadnaught in The Taken King, you will come across Calcified Fragments. These Fragments are turned into Eris Morn back in the Tower for a rare reward. This Destiny The Taken King Shattered Past guide will help you find them as you go!

There are several quests involving the Calcified Fragments in Destiny The Taken King. We’ll keep this article updated as we progress through the game. Be sure to cancel your mission and return to Eris Morn as soon as you’ve collected enough to complete that stage of the quest, other wise you risk bugging it out.

Quest 1: Collect your first Calcified Fragment

Quest 2: Collect 5 Calcified Fragments
Reward: Reciprocal Rune

Destiny: The Taken King Calcified Fragment Location Guide

You need to find one of the Fragments before you can start this quest, turn the first one in right away. It can bug if you get too many before starting.
Calcified Fragment Location 1
Calcified Fragment Location 2
Calcified Fragment Location 3
Calcified Fragment Location 4
Calcified Fragment Location 5
Calcified Fragment Location 6
Calcified Fragment Location 7
Calcified Fragment Location 8
Calcified Fragment Location 9
Calcified Fragment Location 10
Calcified Fragment Location 11
Calcified Fragment Location 12
Calcified Fragment Location 13
Calcified Fragment Location 14
Calcified Fragment Location 15
Calcified Fragment Location 16
Calcified Fragment Location 17
Calcified Fragment Location 18
Calcified Fragment Location 19
Calcified Fragment Location 20
Calcified Fragment Location 21
Calcified Fragment Location 22
Calcified Fragment Location 23
Calcified Fragment Location 24
Calcified Fragment Location 25
Calcified Fragment Location 26
Calcified Fragment Location 27
Calcified Fragment Location 28
Calcified Fragment Location 29
Calcified Fragment Location 30
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As you explore the Dreadnaught in The Taken King, you will come across Calcified Fragments. These Fragments are turned into Eris Morn back in the Tower for a rare reward. This Destiny: The Taken King Shattered Past guide will help you find them as you go!
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  1. We’re updating this as we go so please excuse any missing fragments. We do have enough to complete the quests, not entirely sure about the purpose of the rest of them. A lot are in the chests that require keys and drops from mobs so it’s just trial and error to find them 😀

    If you know of any we missed and would like to help out please include as much information as possible and if you have the means, a couple of screenies 😀

    1. As soon as you land on the dreadnaught in the first mission there is a fragment to the left of the platform on the slope of dirt beneath some ribbons. Take care though because it is easy to slide to your death.

  2. When you do the first story mission on the dreadnaught, when you go into the area where you first encounter the invisible bridges, to the right there is a platform with 3 waterfall looking things on it. You will need to use the bridge to get across and jump to the furthest platform connected by bridge. I was on my hunter so I used the boots of eao to get extra jumps then blade dancer supered my way over there.

  3. Just to note the first shard is all the way to the left when you first land in. there is a doorway that is a dead end go in turn around and you should see it behind the column on the right

  4. Some of these aren’t very descriptive and the pictures are a little rough to match up. Not all of them but for instance #13 is rather hard to follow.

  5. What would be useful is if you noted which fragment you get at each location so those of us with only some of them but may not recall which ones can compare to our grimoire cards to see which ones in the list we still need. At least all the ones I’ve found laying around so far have unlocked specific cards (not in sequence which is why I suspect at least some fragments are fixed location for a grimoire card)

  6. I found another in the breach. Say you are stepping out of the space shuttle and facing Saturn. Just walk a few steps ahead until you are at the end of the shuttle’s platform and it will be on the left side of the first broken pillar on your left.

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