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Destroy All Humans Remake (2020) Mayor Questions & Answers Guide

Destroy All Humans Remake (2020) Mayor Questions & Answers Guide
The good townsfolk of Rockwell have some questions for the Mayor during a town hall. This Destroy All Humans Remake (2020) Mayor Questions & Answers Guide tells you the correct answers to choose to ensure the intelligent farm folk that there is no alien conspiracy to take over the world.

During one of the early missions in Destroy All Humans, you take control the mayor and give a speech during a town hall meeting with the people of Rockwell. You’re given some questions to answer, some more challenging than others. It’s unclear what repercussions your decisions have, but if you want to finish with a maximum response from the audience, we’ve got you covered.

Mayor Questions & Answers Guide

All of the questions asked at the meeting are below, along with all of the available answers. It’s possible that other answers have the same effect, maybe all, but if you choose the answers in bold, you will finish with the maximum reception.

Cows Are Glowing Light Lighting Bugs

  • Pretend the glowing is normal
  • Deny alien involvement
  • Tell the truth
  • Feign ignorance

Strange Events Are Happening In Rockwell

  • Blame weather balloons
  • Blame communism
  • Threaten audience
  • Deny everything

The Situation Needs A Resolution

  • Act patriotic
  • Tell a joke
  • Insult audience
  • Ramble incoherently

The Citizens Need Direction

  • Threaten communists
  • Discredit scientists
  • Enslave human populace
  • Tell a joke

But The Rockwell County Fair Was Destroyed

  • Blame it on bad luck
  • Make empty promises
  • Tell the truth
  • Ignore the question

Nothing Like This Happened In Santa Modesta

  • Reassure audience
  • Insult Santa Modesta
  • Blame Cows
  • Feign Ignorance

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