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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague Side Mission Guide

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague Side Mission Guide
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided features dozens of exciting and rewarding Side Missions you can complete. This Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague Side Mission Guide focuses on the Side Missions available to you in Prague and the beginning areas.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Prague Side Quest Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Certain elements of the game are very dependent on your particular set of skills and what augmentations you’ve chosen. At the beginning of the game I found Remote Hacking and Social Enhancer augmentations to be great for accessing locked buildings during Side Missions and speaking with various NPCs.

There are some minor tasks that you can complete in Prague, but they don’t register as Side Missions. Just be sure to speak to all Vendors when you reach a new area as some will ask for materials while others sell valuables at a hugely discounted price.

[infobox style=’success’ static=’1′]Find All The Praxis Kits & Points[/infobox] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’SM00 Neon Nights’]Come out of Adam Jensen’s apartment and head down the staircase. There’s a vent that you can open and enter. Once inside follow it round until you reach an apartment, it’s a restricted area with a single aggressive NPC inside. Take him out and then search the apartment. To the left of the bed there’s a table, inspect the item to get the password. The password is DobraNoc. There’s a box covering the computer, move it and read the emails to start this quest. Now you have to travel to Cista Ctvrt.

When you arrive head to the apartment marked on the map and then search the bathroom. At the head of the bath is a Pocket Secretary that has information about a rave, which is your next objective. You don’t need to find the Rave Keycard to enter. Just near the door is a large dumpster covering a vent. I ran into a smaller dumpster which pushed the larger one out the way and I could enter. There’s an electric floor trap here. I used Painkillers to go over maximum health and just ran through the vent. Head into the locked door and search the body for the next objective.

When you reach the slums/apartments area you need to find the one with the Swan on the door. You can either use a Multitool to hack into the door or remote hack with augmentations to open the shutters. Alternatively on the bottom level of the apartments is a immanence area, small room filled with lockers. There’s a vent in there you can use also.

Once inside the apartment check the kitchen. There’s a small spray bottle, interact with it to open a secret door. Use a Multitool to hack into the safe and get the next objective. Travel back to Prekazka at the Fountain Station.

When you arrive at the room with the electrified floor, check the lower door down to the right as you’ve got the code for that one, 0311. There’s a turret inside which you can either disable or avoid, then use the code on the next door too.

Couple of rooms with enemies and defenses, do your magic and you’re good to go. When you speak with the Chemist use your persuade skill and then choose the Make It Personal option twice.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM01 The Golden Ticket’]There’s a laser grid guarded by a Police Officer in Prague on the lower level just opposite Adam Jensen’s apartment on the map. Speak with him and cooperate to get a quest where you need to find documents to access other areas of Prague. You need to head North West and speak with the Document Agent to get some documents.

Refuse to pay him anything and you can sneak into the restricted area via a ladder just behind you when speaking with him. Once inside you’ll reach a door with lasers behind it, don’t go inside. Instead look to your left, there’s a closed door that you can hack. The code is 1998, use that to go inside. If you need the code it’s in the area directly behind and opposite that closed door. Check the vent on the wall.

Ignore the safe, you get the code in a minute. Head inside and speak with the forgery artist to complete this part of the Side Mission. From there head to the objective markers to hand in the documents to the two civilians. If you accept the reward from the male you get 52 Credits. Now you have to travel to Cista Ctvrt.

When you reach the objective you can just break in, take down the two guards and follow the objectives. Eventually you will discover you can only validate one person. Wasn’t able to find a difference between the two choices so pick which you like.

Once you’ve made your choice return to Fountain Station to deal with Drahomir. As you approach the stairs leading to Drahomir look to the left for a Police Car and a group of officers. Speak to the middle officer to complete the quest. Note: Both options (Kidnapping And Coercion and Forgery And Extortion) result in a firefight and Drahomir goes home in a body bag.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM02 Cult Of Personality’]This Side Mission can be found underneath the sewers of Prague. On level 3 of the Sewers in the North West corner you’ll find Viznik. Speak with him, reassure him and then accept his quest. He’ll open the nearby locked door. Once inside there’s a cut-scene with few choices. It doesn’t matter what’s said, the outcome is the same.

Explore the right hand side of the area after you speak with the cult leader. There’s a scrumped up poster on top of some yellow boxes, grab that to open the next step of the Side Mission. Now you have to travel to Cista Ctvrt.

When you get there head to the objective marker to speak with Liborio. He will give you some devices. Travel back to Prekazka and go into the sewers where you first met Richard. Follow the objective markers back into the sewers.

Once back inside Richard’s compound you need to install Emitters using the Signal Scramblers. The Emitters can be quite tough to spot, here’s a screenshot showing you how they appear visually.

Where To Install Signal Scramblers In Cult of Personality

As soon as you enter the compound follow the left wall and jump up to the next level. Directly ahead, down a short walkway, you’ll see a turret on the ceiling. Just before the turret, on the right hand side, is an Emitter. Turn around and head into the room just near where you climbed up, there’s another turret here. Run under the turret, an Emitter can be found on the wall in the corner.

The last one is over the other side so drop down and climb the ladder opposite. Another turret is above you. Run around to the left as you enter, there’s another Emitter on the wall in the walkway leading another turret you first saw on the other side. After that return to the main part of the room and use the microphone.

Use the Pity option and then Mitigate to complete the Side Mission.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM03 The Mystery Augs’]You get this Side Mission automatically as you progress, after you visit Koller and he unlocks your special augmentations. Head back to Adam Jensen’s Apartment. Once inside use the remote on the table to make the call.

The rest of this Side Mission doesn’t become available until you progress past a certain point in the story. You’ll then be told to investigate an apartment in Prague. Head to the apartment, you can jump in through the windows if you use the dumpsters as a platform. Search the body for an item and then the wall safe for another. Then hack both the computers. Again, you have to wait some time before the next part of this Side Mission is available. Despite what the warning prompt states, this mission does not get cancelled when you board the airship later in the game.

When you return to Prague from Switzerland the main mission will tell you to meet with Miller in his office. When you arrive you will get a call from Sarif, he asks you to return to your apartment and call him. Do so to complete this Side Mission.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM04 The Calibrator’]You get this Side Mission automatically as you progress, after you visit Koller and he unlocks your special augmentations. You have to travel to Cista Ctvrt. When you arrive head to the objective marker on the map, descend into the sewers and enter the underground casino.

Once inside you’ll have a few conversational choices to make. Choose Straight Talk as the option every time and accept the deal at the end. Then follow the objective marker to find the item upstairs on a desk.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM05 Samizdat’]This Side Mission is available once you reach the TF29 Facility in Prague. In the North Western corner on level 2, speak with the forensics guy names Peter Chang. Head to the apartment at the objective marker, you can sneak in through the windows. Once inside hack the laptop and search the email and messenger.

From there head to the objective markers in the sewers. You need to be on level 2 to reach the location. Check the screenshot below for an exact location.

Where Is Samizdat

Drop down and speak with Samizdat. You can use persuasion here. Use Objectify twice. You will then need to head to the bank to grab him some files. When you enter the bank take the first door on the right, the Executive Boardroom. Punch a hole in the wall and go through the uncovered vent, careful of the guard. Use the computer terminal to disable all cameras and lasers. Leave via the same vent and walk to the end of the maintenance corridor. Follow it through to the next vent and follow that to another one. Inside the office is Pocket Secretary with Daniel Janecek’s new employee ID. If you do not see the Pocket Secretary in here, it may be in the Security Office you visited previously. Make sure you read that then use the computer, access the messenger on it.

Choose “New Technician”, “I Did” and then the top option which is the Employee ID. Exit through the vent and return to the area where you drop down. There’s an object on the wall in the elevator shaft, hack that to drop the elevator. Jump atop the elevator and use the same switch to go back up. Follow the vent through and you will see the objective on the map. Once inside the office search under one of the desks for a Water Report.

SM05 Samizdat side quest has multiple pieces of information you can gather and deliver, you can find information about flight 451 crash in a hidden compartment. first you have to solve the puzzle for the compartment to open then hack a safe inside. (lvl 1 security safe). The last piece i haven’t found yet. – Thanks to Glenniss2 for the contribution!

Leave the bank and return the evidence. Finally head to the objective, you can use the lift to get to the roof and complete the Side Mission.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM06 01011000′] Where is SM06? That’s a question I was asking myself for about 4 hours today but I’ve finally found it! The mission was available around M9 or M10 of the main mission series. I’m not entirely sure if it’s available earlier or not. There is a digital advertisement board near Adam Jensen’s apartment. When you walk past it a glitch appears and asks you to visit a Point of Interest. If you visit that Point of Interest this Side Mission begins. Below is a screenshot of where I found the glitch initially.

Where Is SM06 01011000

Once you have the Side Mission follow the markers to the objective. There’s a few enemies inside, a single gas grenade does the job. There’s a door on the left that you couldn’t enter before, walk up close and Helle will offer to help you access it. The code is 1591. Inside on the table is a Memory Disk. Follow the next objective to the Future-Past store. Speak with the owner, I chose Evade but not sure if it makes any difference. Next up mention the name of the store and then accuse him of it being a fake name. When he draws his gun I chose to accuse him of being a poor salesmen. You’ll have to fight him. Hack the computer to get the door code.

Be CAREFUL in the basement, there are 3 frag mines on the floor and 3 on the door you need to go through. Take out the mines and then use the clock on the wall to reveal a switch. Use the switch to open the door then head inside and grab the Disk Reader off the table. Then go back on the train to the next objective, Adam Jensen’s Apartment.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM07 Fade To Black’]You get this mission after you go into the NSN inside of Miller’s office. After you return to the office from the NSN you will run into Dr. Auzenne. Tell her you can help out with Vince Black and this mission will start. I had the code for Vincent Blacks computer already, it is Origami1970. When you read the emails you will learn where you need to go. When you get to The Red Queen, head up the stair and to the balcony to find the contact. Pick disclose to let her know you are trying to help Vince and she will open up to you. She will want to meet in Prekazaka so head there next.

Before you go to talk with the contact you should save real quick in case things go wrong here. Go to the meeting spot and she will pop out followed by two goons. You have to deal with the goons then interact with the contact. If she is panicked, which she most likely will be, leave the area for a moment and return to talk to her. You need to buy the info from her for 350. Now you will have to head back to the area you just came from and find a storage locker. Inside the locker activate the painting then use the breaker to open a hidden door. Follow the path down to a woman and speak with her. Ask her about Vincent and she will tell you where she saw him two days ago.

Before you can leave a couple of thugs will come down and point their guns at you. If you pick anything but trying to get passage out you will have a fight and you need to be QUICK. I asked about Vincent and before I could even get my gun out they mowed me down. If you want to get passage out you can pay them 1800 or persuade them if you you have the skill. If you want to persuade him pick press and press.

The last part is to head to Vince’s apartment and to find out what happened to him.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM08 The Fix’]This is the next part of the Koller side mission series. He wants you to bring the equipment to him so he can upgrade your system again. It will unlock after you beat all the main missions in the area. You will need to use the sewers to go down to Koller’s lab because his store is closed up. Talk to him and he will upgrade your system so you don’t have to disable powers to use your experimental Augs. I only had one disabled so I am not 100% sure if it applies to all the skills or not.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM09 All In The Family’]This Side Mission is available from Masa Kadlek. She’s in the Manager’s Office on the 2nd floor of The Red Queen. This is a pretty straight forward mission. Head to the objective area, it’s a red zone so you can’t get seen. Check your map, there’s a Sewer Entrance just to the West of the Apartments in the Dvali Territory. There’s a lift you can use there to infiltrate the area. Once you’ve found the target you have to knock him out and drag his body back to the location where you entered, throw him in one of the lockers/garages there and close the door.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM10 The Harvester’]This side mission isn’t open until you get back from Golem City. Head to Jensen’s apartment and outside in the alley you will run into a crime scene. Talk to the woman inside the crime scene and accept the quest there. Speak to the detective and then you will be on the case. If your vision is upgraded to see important items this next part is easy. Examine the dead body for bruises, marks and a needle. There is an EMP fragment on the ground near the grate. Near Daria you can find an ID card on the ground and near that there is some trash bags with broken glasses to check out. Lastly there is an augment on the wall next to the body. Be sure to talk to Daria and the Detective before you leave.

Next head to the police station to check out another case similar to this. You can hack the computer to get the door code or just use 0010 to gain access to the basement. Check the locker belonging to Smolinski for the info you are looking for. After that head to Johnny’s apartment and chat with him. He’s not exactly torn up about losing his wife but he cooperates and let’s you check the apartment. Grab the chips off the table and talk to Johnny again. There is a medical file on the couch that you can grab and talk to Johnny again. He doesn’t have finger prints so he couldn’t have left those on the body making him innocent in this case.

Before you talk to Montag talk to the guy in the hood near the scene and he will tell you about another possible suspect. Talk to Montag and ask him about Perry and you can go speak to him. Talk to him and he will not take this seriously. Head down into his basement and to hack his computer. Before you access it, lure the bodyguard down and take him out so he doesn’t come down and blast you mid message. grab the pocket secretary off of him so you get the code to the safe. Access the computer and go to the message section. Pick I’m ready to negotiate, then pick bluff, then pick discretion fee. The safe is behind the picture on the first floor, get the photo from inside. Talk to Perry and after that head back to Montag. Neither of them are the murderer so tell him it is a copycat. This case is just beginning.[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM11 The Last Harvest’]This Side Mission is a follow-on from the SM10 The Harvester Side Mission. It may or may not be available depending on your choices during that mission. When you return to Prague from Switzerland and speak with Miller in his office, Daria will call you shortly after. You must head back to your apartment area immediately.

Arrive at the objective marker and you’ll meet with the cop that helped you on the case before. Get into the apartment and you’ll need to find clues. Head into the bathroom, there’s some needles above the toilet. Next up is a book on the table near the falling TV in the corner. Then head into the closet and grab the accessory from atop the drawers.

There’s a pool of blood by the door, inspect that and then follow its trail. You’ll see a broken frame on the floor, grab that too. Head into the bedroom and grab Daria Myska’s Diary from the bed. Also in the bedroom, take the cat collar from the cat statue next to the computer before hacking into it. Then inspect the bear rug under your feet. This will open an optional objective. It’s actually really easy to get there so if you don’t mind a few minutes travel, go for it. When you get there speak to the Doctor and he will tell you to harvest the chip.

There’s another way. Head upstairs and either use the vent (inside the vent is gas to the left is a big stash of medical supplies, to the right is his office) or hack into his office. Behind the refrigerator is an eBook, read that and then speak with the Doctor again. Then return to the original crime scene to find the trail. There is some torn cloth by the manhole cover. Drop down and then grab the cellphone on the floor before going through the tunnel. Speak to her and confront her, the code word you need is Ad Hominem 2026.

From there you can choose Persuade to get a positive outcome. For the first option choose Omega (Humanize) and for the second choose Omega again (Humanize). After that, approach her.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’SM12 K Is For Kazdy ‘]This Side Mission is part of a Point of Interest mission that you get when you return to Prague after the trip to Switzerland. Follow the Point of Interest to the sewers and speak with Little K, she’ll give you the Side Mission if you accept. It’s a simple one. Head to the objective marker and use the Keypad in the Police Station basement to open the cells.

You have a choice here. I told them to take a disguise and try to leave peacefully. Follow them (remember you’re not disguised) to the objective and you’re done here.
[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

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  1. SM05 Samizdat side quest has multiple pieces of information you can gather and deliver, you can find information about flight 451 crash in a hidden compartment. first you have to solve the puzzle for the compartment to open then hack a safe inside. (lvl 1 security safe). The last piece i haven’t found yet.

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